Better Saturdays Begin at Punta Gorda’s Downtown Farmer’s Market


Saturdays are important.  Just as a good Monday sets the tone for an easier workweek, Saturday is the opening act for your weekend.  Given our free time generally consists of two out of seven of the days of the week, that time needs to be relaxing yet productive.  You should go to bed on Friday looking forward to this time “off,” rather than dreading all the tasks that need to be accomplished.  It can be a juggling act, for sure.  Whether your idea of a fine start begins at 6 AM with numerous mugs of java and a long sit in a favorite spot, or at noon, allowing others to enjoy those morning hours while you slumber away, the Saturday vibe is a real phenomenon. 

I used to think of Saturdays as an extended workday, with Saturday evening being the goal for any type of relaxation.  Grocery shopping, cleaning, sports, kids’ extra-curriculars all seemed to zap the energy out of the day so when it came time to making a great meal for Saturday night, that seemed more of a chore than a labor of love.  Nowadays, I start the Saturday chore list somewhere between Thursday and Friday, tackling the littlest of tasks and mostly cleaning to free up my old friend Saturday.

This new way of living allowed me to leisurely enjoy a recent trip to the Punta Gorda’s Downtown Farmer’s Market.  Lucky for me, it is open every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Driving over that bridge with that beautiful waterway adding a sparkly welcome to Punta Gorda is a little vacation in and of itself.  Tourists must think they have found paradise in this artsy, historical delicious little town.  And locals are not shy about posting positives from their visits at Downtown Punta Gorda eateries.  But, back to the Farmer’s Market…

Being a lover of farmer’s markets and all the creativity, healthy goods, beautiful sights and smells and the mostly happy, cordial people that accompany them, the Punta Gorda’s Downtown Farmer’s Market is a sight for quarantine-weary eyes.  Located at the corner of Taylor and Olympia in Downtown Punta Gorda, the mixture of quaint, eclectic shops and studios and grand, bricked buildings gives a picturesque backdrop to the outdoor shopping experience.

What can you find there?  Well, my shopping basket included fresh and fragrant bouquets of flowers, that were inexpensive and brightened my table for a full two weeks.  Freshly dried packets of spices for yummy dips, pickles, salsa, honey, baked-goods, beef jerky…the PG Farmer’s Market pretty much has it all.  Following CDC recommendations, the vendors are nicely spread out with a wide threshold between for shoppers to stroll without bumping into each other. Artisans with racks of handmade jewelry, toys, clothing, and novel trinkets and household items keep the shopping interesting and relevant.  I like a farmer’s market with useful items that I would totally over-buy if I had the means.  I cannot wait to revisit when birthdays and such require a unique, thoughtful gift.  To cap it off, live music in the background is a nice reminder that things are beginning to return to our new normal. 


If your Saturdays could use more relaxation and fun with a twist of good shopping, consider a morning spent at Punta Gorda’s Downtown Farmer’s Market.  For more information, please visit Punta Gorda Farmer’s Market | Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce

Photo’s courtesy of Punta Gorda’s Downtown Farmer’s Market Facebook page. 

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