Best Date Night Ideas For Self-Isolating Couples

Best Date Night Ideas For Self-Isolating Couples

Lots of couples will have recently found themselves with more time on their hands than usual, and there are only so many box sets you can binge-watch at home before you become bored.

To help stave off existential ennui during periods of self-isolation as a couple, here are some fun ideas for date nights that will make staying in a treat.

Create your own casino at home

There is nothing more glamorous than visiting a casino and trying your luck on table games or slot machines. Thankfully you can recreate this experience without leaving the house, with casino sites like Casumo offering a huge range of exciting options for online play.

Why not get dressed up in your best clothes, pour a couple of glasses of bubbly and fire up your smartphones or tablets to play a few rounds of roulette, poker or blackjack. You could even cover your dining table in green fabric to represent the baize of a casino table, while taking it in turns to serve drinks and snacks. This is a far more enjoyable option than cracking open a pack of cards and trying to act as the croupier yourself.

Have a foam party in your bathroom

If you are a fan of nightclubs but you are keen to stay indoors, you can have a full-on foam party for two in your bathroom, with just a few key ingredients.
There are guides for creating homemade foam-blowing machines , or you can avoid the need for costly equipment that you might not have to hand by using a simpler recipe for foam that you can store and mess around with to your heart’s content.

Keeping all of this foamy action to the bathroom will make the cleanup job easier, and you can also bring music to the table so long as you have a Bluetooth speaker to hand; just make sure that it is waterproof. Popping your smartphone in an empty glass can also provide some improvised amplification for blasting out tunes, but again, keeping the suds away from sensitive electronics is essential.

Go to the movies on your sofa

Most people plonk themselves down in front of the TV and fire up their streaming service of choice without really going to the bother of making the experience more cinematic. Anyone self-isolating couples can be more mindful of their movie-watching if they take steps to recreate a visit to the theatre in the living room.

First and foremost, get your food and drink ready; ice-cold soda and freshly-made popcorn are of course a must-have. Secondly, make sure that the atmosphere is right; dim the lights, crank the volume to a decent level that will still not disturb the neighbours, then settle down and start watching the film of your choice.

To make this even more authentic, avoid using your phones at any point so that you are totally focused on the movie. You could even instigate a no-pause rule, so that trips to the bathroom will have to be carried out quickly in a way that’s true to life.

Make a gourmet meal together from scratch

Visiting a restaurant might be off the cards for the time being, but that does not mean you have to eat bland food, or that you have to rely on fast food deliveries for your treat meals.

There is something really special about sharing the load and making a meal together, before eating it by candlelight. To avoid stress, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time for prep and cooking, and follow reliable guides if you are not the most experienced home chefs.

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