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NC watercolor from Julie

Art Connection Between St. Petersburg, FL & Hendersonville, NC

| Julie Hall |

Finding light during these times keeps us thankful for family. Quarantine time, Artist sister, Emily Hall, in Florida, shares watercolor painting tips with younger sister, Julie Hall, in Hendersonville, NC. online.

Recently, adapting to a new lifestyle has people acquiring new quarantine hobbies and activities. I have had the pleasure of working with my sister, Emily Hall, sharing some of her greatest tips on watercolor painting.

Emily, lives in St Petersburg, FL, and I live in Hendersonville, NC

Emily has always been my inspiration to Draw, Paint, Color, Be Creative, yet, it has been years since we shared that joy.

We decided to paint with watercolors and do some illustrations during our, Stay at Home Order. So, we started in March and are continuing to do so in April.

We have discovered that during this Stay at Home Order, this is the perfect time for us to create artwork at home. Which could develop into a long term practice.

Hendersonville, NC

I am inspired by the beautiful flowering trees and mountain vistas in our Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Hendersonville, NC. You can read more here about WNC.

Julie and Emily at the Summit of Glassy Mountain
Julie and Emily at the Summit of Glassy Mountain

We are fortunate to have this beautiful flowering spring just in our very own backyard. Not far from downtown where the blooms are breath taking. Flowering Dogwood Trees, The Royal Japanese Cherry trees, Crab Apple Trees, and Magnolia all boast the splendid pink and purple blossoms. There are endless opportunities for you to experience the great outdoors here in the Blue Ridge Mountains once our stay-at-home order is lifted.

One of our favorite hikes for views is at Carl Sandburg National Site,
Take in the glorious vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains, including Pisgah Mountain, hike the trail of The Glassy Mountain Trail to the summit, with its open rock face and benches to sit for a bit and enjoy the panoramic view to the northwest.

Note: The photo of Emily and me (Julie) was taken at the Summit of Glassy Mountain. The trail to the top is moderate. The flowering trees species and variety of ground cover are as spectacular as the view at the top.

Sandburg once wrote:
It is necessary now and then for a man to go away by himself and experience loneliness; to sit on a rock in the forest and ask of himself, ‘Who am I, and where have I been, and where am I going?’

A note from sister Emily, St. Pete, FL

I am inspired by the “flora and fauna” of Florida. That includes everything from the beautiful Blue Salvia, hibiscus flowers, and palm trees to the egrets, ibis and amusing pelicans.

Mermaid watercolor from Emily in St. Petersburg, FL
Mermaid watercolor from Emily in St. Petersburg, FL

But the Gulf, with all the creatures that make that their home, is what inspires much of my work. The great variety of fish, the seahorses, sea turtles and the fictitious mermaid are subject matter for my art. This fragile environment intrigues me, and as I draw and paint them, I learn more about this underwater world.

It is my belief that art can be a vehicle to peace during periods of stress, confusion and anxiety. The very act of creating is an expression of your feelings, so there is both a release of emotions as well as some satisfaction when you see what you have created. No concerns or thoughts about whether or not it is “good or bad”.

When traveling is permitted, we welcome you to head to Hendersonville, NC for some well-deserved fresh mountain air. to view some vistas to possibly paint, who knows what might inspire you to pick up a paint brush.

We will provide you with our Hendersonville, NC ART GALLERY TRAIL- A Guide to Fine Art and Fine Craft.

Hendersonville and Flat Rock, NC have a number of art galleries, a few of our favorites, just to name a few!

*The Center for Art & Inspiration,
*Woodlands Gallery

Watercolor Paintings & Illustrations, Sea Creatures by Emily Hall and Mountain Vistas by Julie Hall

Photo by Dan Fortin

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