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An Inspiring Story of Perseverance by Meredith Garofalo

| Sande Caplin |

Many of you know Meredith Garofalo from her days working at the weather desk at ABC7 television based in Sarasota, Florida.  Recently, Meredith posted a very inspiring timeline about her career.  She gave the Suncoast Post to share her post.  She is an inspiration to all of us.

Meredith Garofalo

In 1989 — Sue Florian Garofalo told me her survival story of the 1974 tornado outbreak she survived in Xenia, OH, and I decided I wanted to be a meteorologist on TV and save lives.

In 2003 — I was the first-ever woman to do the weather for Trinity High School morning announcements.

In 2004 — I was told by a professor I needed to consider changing careers because I was struggling with the science and math needed for my degree. I almost did.

In 2008 — I graduated from Valparaiso University the only female in my graduating class to start a career in broadcast meteorology.

In 2010 — I was fired from my job after two months because the News Director didn’t like me and almost changed careers. I considered becoming a flight attendant.

In 2013 — I needed a break from TV after a very negative experience with co-workers, left the business to be a director in March for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast, and by the end of the year knew I couldn’t end my TV career yet and got back into it in November.

Meredith Garofalo

In 2017 — I transitioned my career into becoming “Rocket Girl” to help lead the way for more broadcast meteorologists to get into also reporting on both science and space and also chaired the American Meteorological Society Scientist Committee in 2021. (Meredith goes by the name of “Rocket Girl!”

In 2022 — I won my first-ever awards for my on-air work as a meteorologist and reporter as well as a “40 Under 40” accolade.

In 2023 — I won my first regional RTDNA Edward R. Murrow award and had the opportunity to be on TV in the #1 TV market in the United States, New York City, 15 years after my first day on-air in one of the smallest markets.

You can ALWAYS achieve what you want in life, just don’t ever give up or let failure stop you from fulfilling your destiny. It’s the tough days, challenges, and His timing pairing with the wins, successes, and accomplishments that make our story as perfect as it can be. It’s YOUR individual tapestry of life, so let it flow and trust the process. And don’t forget to keep inspiring and motivating other people along the way…give back, be a role model, and don’t ever forget where you come from.

Thank you, Meredith, for letting us share your story/

Photos from Meredith Garafalo and Facebook

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