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Acknowledging your gratitude for all that encompasses your journey through life is essential.  As we get older, that becomes abundantly clearer.  But sometimes you must shout your thankfulness to the rafters.  When you do that, it not only clears your soul for whatever is next, it also, hopefully, conveys just how much you appreciate the efforts of another.

Taking a Chance on The Suncoast Post

Several years ago, I was writing content for a couple of Realtors and doing whatever I could to be able to stay home with my kids while making an income.  It was at that time that I found Twinkle’s writings on The Sarasota Post and immediately began tuning in to this online forum for information on live music, concerts, and everything “Sarasota.” 

One day, I took a chance and contacted The Sarasota Post to see if they were hiring any new writers.  After several phone calls and emails containing samples of my work, Sande gave me the go-ahead to write a trial piece and “see how it goes.”  My first article was about Palmetto, whose downtown areas were finally receiving a much-needed makeover.  I cannot remember how the article did, but I do remember the day Sande called and said, “Let’s do this, kid!”  Fast-forward, all these years later, and he is still a source of positivity for me.

If I had to pin down my favorite part of writing articles for The Suncoast Post (name change as we have evolved), I could only narrow it down to a few areas that I have truly loved.  First, the people.  Not being a “people” person, per se, I grew to thrive on the butterflies, anxiety, and utter thrills at preparing for and meeting new people for a peek into their world.  I cannot overstate what this has done to my self-confidence and assuredness. 

Of course, times have changed, and in-person meetings are on hold for now, but there were countless phone calls to my sister or Todd afterward, with nerves turned to raw excitement as I described these meetings.  Whether in restaurants, chic shops, and art museums in Downtown Sarasota, or historic buildings I had always longed to visit, I have loved all of it. 

Perks of the Gig

One of the perks of my writing were the times I got to gather and hang out with the incredible people from The Suncoast Post.  Dinners, drinks, galas, fundraisers, movie screenings, and VIP parties were always a part of it, and, of course, I felt so privileged and honored to attend.  But to see “the team” and to catch up was a benefit that I also truly loved.  I must say I have learned so much about giving back from Sande.  The events that I have seen them pour hours into, not to mention the work and money, all to raise funds for many charitable organizations in the area have made me a more giving person, even in my meager ways.

The other cool side perk of writing for The Suncoast Post was the time I got to spend with family and friends at these events.  It was so fun to share these moments with many of you whether on dance floors, at concerts, or at amazing venues around our beloved Sarasota.  Those times will go down as some of my favorites.  And, as I write this, I know I owe all this gratitude for these memories and so much more to Sande.  I am not sure he is aware of the good he puts forth into the world, but hopefully this will be a small reminder from just one of his many friends.

Note of Thanks

As the pandemic has done to many, it has illuminated the many blessings I have as well as shone a light on goals I still have.  With that said, I am taking a break from my weekly writings, for now, to lend this time to other areas.  I am genuinely thankful for Sande, and The Suncoast Post for providing a platform that doesn’t take itself too seriously doesn’t indulge in petty conversations about politics or religion and doesn’t stand in judgment of anybody.  I will keep getting my daily dose of positive, local information infused with love and humor from The Suncoast Post and look forward to adding my weekly twist on things somewhere down the line.  Thank you, Sande, you are the best!   

Photos courtesy of Jodi Schwarzenbach & Suncoast Post

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