Activities for your Spring Break Staycation with Kids on the Florida Suncoast

Activities for your Spring Break Staycation with Kids on the Florida Suncoast

Spring Break is upon us and, this year in particular, that means a lot of time with the kids as many people are having to opt for the “staycation” route.

With a whole week (or two, or three) of child-time ahead, having plans in place will make for a stress-free, fun, and memorable break. Here are some simple and affordable ways to make your Spring Break staycation packed with activities the whole family will enjoy!



We love the idea of starting your Spring Break with a puzzle. Choose one a little more challenging or with more pieces than you’re used to doing and make it a project for your family to come back to and work on throughout your time at home. It’s a good quiet reprieve and stress-reliever as well as it requires focus.

Paper Airplane Competition
There are so many ways to craft a super-sleek aircraft. This is a great way for your kiddos to practice some engineering and design skills. Have a competition to see who can throw their airplane the farthest. Then, try some other challenges. Can you fly your plane into a large pot, hit the center of a painting, or through a hula hoop?

Make an Obstacle Course
You can design an obstacle course indoors or outside! Crawl under an object, jump over something, run around anything, slide between objects, whatever you can think of. Just get creative and get moving!

Slip and slides are fun!Water Balloon Fight and Slip and Slide
These go without saying. Water balloons fights go right in hand with laughter. And slip and slides? You can make one yourself with a tarp or use an official one, either way there are endless hours of fun with these at-home water activities.

Learn a New Skill
Make this special by teaching your kids something you loved to do back in the day.. French braiding, the Electric Slide, Bedazzling a jean jacket, anyone? Or nowadays there is a How-To YouTube video for pretty much any skill set! So, come up with some ideas it might be fun for your family to learn together whether it be juggling, portraits, or the latest dance craze.

Head to a local campsite or even just camp in your own backyard. The weather is great for enjoying the great outdoors this time of year so camping, even at home, can be a fabulous way for your family to unplug and enjoy the simpler things!

Ruskin Drive In movieMovie Night In
Head to the Ruskin Family Drive In for a family movie night from the comfort of your own car at one of the last standing drive in theaters! If the weather outside isn’t cooperating, rent or stream some movies you’ve always wanted your kids to see at home. Get cozy and make it a movies-in-pj’s day. Just don’t forget the popcorn and candy!

Slime Time!
I’m sure your kids have already requested this activity as this fad is not going away anytime soon. And why would we want it to? Make your own slime using myriad internet-provided instructions and just a few simple ingredients!

Make Collages
Grab some old magazines you’ve been hoarding around the house and some scissors. Cut out any images or words they like and then arrange and glue into your own work of art or “vision board” on a piece of poster or even printer paper! Add sequins, drawings, anything else. There are no limits!

Baking is always a good idea not just as a fun activity the whole family can jump in on but obviously also because you get to reap the benefits afterwards with a tasty treat!
Not into sweets? You can always do a ‘make your own pizza’ night! Delicious, fun, and the perfect rainy night-in dinner.

Scavenger Hunts
This one takes a bit more planning but is really such a memorable activity for everyone to enjoy! For the younger crowd, have kiddos collect items based on colors (such as: find three red items, 2 oval-shaped items, etc) and for older kids, items can be collected based on clever clues you come up with! Great fun and great riddle-solving skills abound.



Make a picnic!
Whether you’re venturing to the beach (watch out for those hungry seagulls), a park, or just in your own living room – picnics are a great way to jazz up mealtime. Spread out your blanket or towels and include the kids in the preparation of their favorite lunch items. Who knows? Maybe after the break, they will make their own lunches! (A parent can dream.)

With these easy and affordable at-home Spring Break activities you can make your staycation with the kids quite fun and memorable!

Photos from Unsplash and Ruskin Family Drive-In FB


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