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A Weekend with the Grandkids at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, New Jersey

A Weekend with the Grandkids at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, New Jersey

| Laura Bell Adams |

Everyone likes a feel-good story. Many of our readers have asked if they can share stories about their travels, their grandkids and families on The Suncoast Post. Yes! That is what we are all about.

A little different, we want to know what you’re up to. My friend Barbara Strauss loves to read about the travels of friends and families, and she is always bugging me to get folks to share their stories!



I spent a wonderful 10 days in New York last week, 5 with my daughter and son-in-law and their 3 boys, and 5 days with my son and daughter-in-law and their 3 boys. Yes, I have 6 grandboys!

This story is about the Long Island crew from St. James, New York. We took off last Friday for 3 days of tubing, skiing, basketball, swimming and some great food and drink. I personally did some swimming and ate some great food and drank some fabulous drinks! No skiing, tubing or basketball for me. The 3 grand boys had never skied before! The stepdad, Rob, who has a ton of patience, took the boys tubing on Friday. Saturday was about skiing! By the end of the day, all 3 were skiing down the hill. How great is that? The boys were so excited.

Kayleigh from Chrystal Tavern was so nice!And the food! Oh, so good. It was all about dinner! I love to talk with the servers and get to know them a little better than the average patron. They always think that I am kidding with them when I mention the Suncoast Post. Well, I always do my best to include them in my story!

Barbie and Ari from Kites, An American Grill were great servers.On Friday night, we visited Grand Cascades Lodge and had dinner at Crystal Tavern. Our server, Kayleigh, was just so nice. She was so patient with the boys and you could see that she really liked her job. Her service was excellent, and she was so excited to take a photo with the 3 boys. A job well done, Kayleigh. For more information about the resort and restaurant, visit their website here.

Saturday, after skiing and swimming, we went to another great restaurant called Kites, An American Grill. We had 2 great servers there, Barbie and Ari. Like Kayleigh, these ladies were fabulous. They helped the kids with the menu and went out of their way to give us fabulous service. They were a fabulous team. More information about this wonderful resort and restaurant can be found at their website here.

So, if you live up north or just visiting you can spend a fabulous weekend with the family in Sussex County, NJ. You will have the time of your life. Great tubing, skiing, recreation areas, sporting events, fabulous food and so much more.

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