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A Fabulous Trip and Adventure to Pittsburgh, PA

| Sande Caplin |

Last month, I had the pleasure of flying to Pittsburgh, Pa to meet my son Bryan, and three of my grandboys, Jonah, Simon, and Tobias.  The family’s annual tradition revolves around visiting different cities where our beloved New York Mets would be playing, and this year, it was Pittsburgh’s turn to be their playground.  And, oh what a trip it was.  They dropped their bags off at the Hometown Suites in downtown Pittsburgh, and we were off!


Our first destinations was the Children’s Museum, a haven for youthful imaginations. With wide-eyed wonder, Jonah, Simon, and Tobias explored interactive exhibits, unleashing their creativity, and discovering hidden talents.

We walked next door to Carnegie Science Center. Curiosity sparked within Jonah, Simon, and Tobias as they ventured through interactive exhibits, marveling at the wonders of science and technology. From space exploration to robotics, the young minds soaked up knowledge, inspired by the limitless possibilities that lay before them.

That evening it was baseball at PNC Park, an iconic stadium nestled alongside the picturesque Allegheny River. Excitement filled the air as the Mets clashed with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Unfortunately, the Mets got trounced, but the big news of the evening (besides the fireworks after the game), was before the game.  Tobias fist pumped with star Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor and Tobias fist pumped with third baseman Eduardo Escobar.  They didn’t wash their hands for days!  Oh, we ate hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, peanuts…… it’s a tradition!

Fans and Crowds

The next morning, we went to Pamela’s Diner, a local institution known for its scrumptious breakfast creations. Plates piled high with fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and golden eggs provided the perfect fuel for the day’s adventures. Satisfied and content, we continued our exploration, heading to the vibrant Strip District.


The Strip District, is a bustling open-air market, treated the family to a sensory extravaganza. Colorful stalls displayed an array of fresh produce, aromatic spices, collectable stores apparel stores with all types of Pirates, Penguins and Steelers clothing. 

To add some more fun to our day, we boarded the Monongahela Incline, a historic funicular that climbed Mount Washington. As the incline chugged along, we all marveled at Pittsburgh’s scenic beauty, with the cityscape spreading before them like a colorful mosaic. At the summit, we indulged in creamy scoops of Mount Washington’s Handcrafted Ice Cream, enjoying the panoramic view, joking around and just having a grand old time!


Later that afternoon, we went to Pins Mechanical, a wonderland of games and laughter. From classic arcade games to thrilling pinball machines, the boys immersed themselves in a world of friendly competition and boundless fun. Strikes and spares, high-fives and victories, the afternoon was filled with infectious joy that reverberated through the vibrant atmosphere.  This is a very cool place for kids of all ages!


We took a brief rest at the hotel and the boys went over to Puttshack to play electronic miniature golf.  Their experience was phenomenal and very challenging, but they loved it.

To conclude our adventures in Pittsburgh, Bryan, being a craft beer enthusiast, planned a visit to Aslin Brewery. Amidst a lively ambiance, we savored a variety of locally brewed beers, the boys had some of their favorite comfort food and we talked about unforgettable trip and cherishing the bonds of family. We laughed, shared stories, and appreciated the vibrant spirit of Pittsburgh as we reflected on the remarkable experiences they had shared.


Saying goodbye is always sad.  I hung out with the boys at the Pittsburgh International Airport waiting for their flight to board back to New York.  Of course, the boys are already planning next years trip to another city where the New York Mets will be playing.

This is what life is all about.

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