8 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Tampa

Florida is the third most populous state in the U.S, with over 21 million people. It’s also the fourth richest in terms of GDP. Tampa, Florida, is the third-largest city in the state, with a population of 395,912. This city is on the shores of Tampa Bay, which has the largest port in the state.   

If you’re thinking of moving to Tampa, there are a few things you need to know about this popular destination. Most visitors who come here for vacation want to make this city their permanent home. So, what do they love about Tampa? Here’s what you need to know before you start packing.

1. Weather

Tampa’s weather is one of the main reasons most people want to come here. This city experiences long summers with temperatures rising to 94oF, but hardly beyond that. So it’s helpful to have good AC in your house and car. Winters are shorter and come with cool winds and clouds. During winter, the temperature can drop to 38oF, but rarely below that level. Generally, temperature varies between 52oF and 90oF, and snow is rare during winter.      

2. Cost of Living

The cost of living in Tampa is 5% less than the U.S average. The cost of renting and buying a house depends on specific areas. But the city has a higher demand for homes and less supply, which makes them quite expensive. Renting a house can range from $376 to $3,200. The median price of buying a house is $172,100. Also, if you’re buying your first home in Tampa, you’re likely to pay higher taxes than someone who bought a house many years ago due to the Save Our Home Cap.

3. The Neighborhood

One of the earliest neighbors of Tampa is Ybor city. It’s a historic landmark with many ancient buildings. In this city, a Cuban immigrant started a cigarette manufacturing company and attracted workers from within America and Europe. St. Petersburg and Clearwater are two cities in the neighborhood of Tampa. Clearwater is famous for having long beautiful beaches where residents bask in the sunshine. Sometimes the Clearwater beaches can be overcrowded.     

4. The People

With a population density of 3,000 people per square mile, Tampa is densely populated. But you can’t compare it with New York, which has 28,000 people per square mile. This city has a diverse population. About a quarter of the residents are Hispanic or Latino Americans and another quarter are African Americans. The median age is 35.6. People in Tampa are generally friendly. It’s not unusual to meet strangers who want to start a conversation or smile at you.   

5. Education

If you’re moving to Tampa with school-going kids or want to work as you study, Tampa has many public and private training institutions. Some of the best schools in the city include Plant High School, Land O’ Lakes High School, Brooks Debartolo Collegiate High school, and Berkeley Preparatory School. In addition, Tampa has 25 colleges and universities distributed across the city. These include the University of Tampa, Everglades University, University of South Florida, and Hillsborough Community College, to name a few.

6. Culture

Tampa has many festivals that take place almost throughout the year. First, there is the annual Tampa Bay Margarita Festival, featuring music artists, games, dozens of margaritas, and food options. There is also the pirate-themed event, Gasparilla, which runs from mid-January to mid-March. The residents of Tampa have been observing this event since 1904. It’s among the largest parades in the U.S, full of family fun and partying. In addition, Tampa has several professional sports teams for football, hockey, and baseball.   

7. Attraction Sites

As a tourism hub, Tampa has a lot of places you can visit. It has amusement parks, museums, animal zoos, and art galleries. Moreover, Tampa has some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Residents enjoy breathtaking sunsets on the white sand and clear water beaches. You can also visit places like The Florida Aquarium, Busch Gardens (for shows, animals, and rides), and Lowry Park Zoo. If you need to walk or ride a bike, the Tampa River and the Bayshore Boulevard walks provide enough space for such activities.

8. The Draw Backs

No doubt Tampa is a great place to live. But like any other city, it has a few drawbacks. As a more populated city, Tampa has high traffic, especially during the rush hours from 4 pm to 7 pm. Residents also complain about high levels of crime in some areas.

Tampa Bay has so many activities to do, and you can’t do them all in a single vacation. Most people choose to move here permanently to continue enjoying life in the city of sunshine. If you’re considering moving to Tampa, you need a reputable moving company to help you relocate.

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