4 Ways to Secure Your Gadgets and Devices if You Work from Home

Working from home offers a ton of benefits. Suddenly you don’t have to choose between eating a healthy homecooked meal and staying late at the office; your kids and pets can get the help they need even while you’re working, and there’s nothing in your contract about not flipping the laundry when you get up for more coffee. This being said, having your work computer and other devices at home can be a little nerve-wracking as you need these things to work, and replacing them would be quite expensive. The following will explore a few things you can do to help keep your work gadgets and devices secure.

Manage Your Humidity Levels

If your space is too humid, your devices are going to struggle because moisture and technology don’t mix well. You might need to look into a dehumidifier as well as methods of sealing off windows and doors if the moisture is coming from outside. Not only will appropriate humidity help protect your devices, but it can also encourage optimal health. If you’re always congested or filled with mucous, it could be the humidity that is messing with you.

Get A Warranty

Of course, there are a lot of things that can damage your work devices that are out of your control. Seeking out a warranty can help ensure that if something goes wrong, your device gets repaired or replaced; this URL talks about the concept in more detail if it’s new to you. In the simplest sense, a warranty involves paying a little bit extra upfront (much less than the cost of replacing the item) to cover your item with a warranty. If something covered within the policy occurs and damages your device within the agreed-upon time, they will take care of repairs or replacement.

Organize Your Cords

As foolish as it seems, one of the most common reasons devices are dropped or damaged is because of cord issues. Pets and children run everywhere there is to run without looking, and if there’s a cord in the way, your device is likely going to slide off the table onto the floor. When it’s six in the morning, and you haven’t had your coffee yet, you can trip on the cord and pull your device to its death. Find some sort of cord and cable organizational system and use it; it just might save your tech. Once you see how helpful it is, you might just tackle that chaotic place behind the television next and wrangle all the cords in the house.


Position With Temperature In Mind

Technological devices can overheat relatively easily. Not only does this cause them to run slower and possibly damage your files. Sometimes your system crashes, and you lose all your work (or feel super embarrassed because these things tend to happen during very important meetings). To help mitigate this, be sure to set up your devices so that their fans aren’t being blocked by a table or something else. Technology needs to breathe for air to continue to flow and keep things cool. If you notice your device is suddenly louder than usual, this might be the problem.

The above tips should help you keep your devices safe and secure when working from home. Of course, if there are additional risks you need to mitigate because of the nature of your job, be sure to follow workplace recommendations, particularly surrounding secure passwords and data security protocols.

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