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10 Best Unique Interior Design Elements To Make Your House a Home

10 Best Unique Interior Design Elements To Make Your House a Home

| Laura Bell Adams |

When we move into a home, it takes a while to make the home feel like home. It doesn’t feel like home until you place things in the home that are part of you. When your couch has been placed with the throw tossed over one side that your grandmother made for you. It begins to look like your home. If you are buying a home, or simply moving into a better home, there are ways to make it yours.

Below, we will share some simple ways to decorate and furnish your home that has been gathered by professional interior designers.

1. Look at the rooms empty
Sometimes people look at a room empty and believe they have more space than they actually do. If the room is small, you will need to make use of light and color to make it feel larger. Select a light color like cream or peanut. Make note of where the windows are. You will need as much natural light in as possible. Placing mirrors on opposite walls will make the room look bigger still. Select one wall to paint. Give your room a splash of color on this wall. Olive green is a good choice.



2. Mix patterns
Slipcovers are a great way to tone down a pattern or a good way to pep up the flat colors. Use wooden blinds with cloth valance or reversed, a Wood valance with fabric window treatments.

3. Family Portraits
People who want to hang pictures, do so in the hall. But what about that space on the mantle? It is just begging for professional painting. You do not have to have your family sit for an artist. Check out this limited edition portrait painting site for details. 

4. Turn your bath into a rainforest
This takes going green to a whole new level. Use a granite or marble vanity. Install lighting to enhance natural lighting. Hang plants an in corners. Install floating shelves to stage lush plants at different heights. Use a rainforest shower curtain. Use natural decor that includes stone and sand.

5. Upgrade your kitchen
The most important room in your house is the kitchen. Upgrade your sinks with a vessel sink with modern faucets. New cabinets with build in storage designs are always a big hit. Look for marble or granite countertops and backsplash.

Create two different rooms by putting furniture in different areas.6. Small quarters
Instead of arranging your entire room into one area, create two different sitting areas in one great room. Part of the great room is arranged around the tv or video games and the other half of the furniture form a sitting room. Use throw rugs to add to the design and use like colors to pull the two distinct areas together.

Do the same in the bedroom. One section is for the bed and sleeping needs while the opposite corner can be made into a dressing room or desk.

7. Murphy bed
So, you don’t have a guest room and your home is too small for overnight visitors. In a matter of minutes, you have a guest room.

8. Combine Old With New
The good thing about interior decorating trends is you can redecorate and use what you have. We usually go through phases with our furnishings. We acquire pieces that we love and store them in the attic when we buy new furniture. We are given gifts that we may or may not put out. This is the year to get out all those forgotten treasures. Use an antique clock in a room designed in contemporary themes. Place thick shag rugs on your beautiful hardwood floors. These additions give your room depth and interest.

9. Make use of every inch of space
Place baskets, or cloth storage under tables, and in empty places. Place books, CDs, magazines or whatever inside. You can match your furniture or add a splash of color. For a cute look without packing away your reading material, place the square containers on their side. You can keep your extra stuff neat and easily find what you are looking for.

10. Brass Is Back!
Say goodbye for now to polished nickel and stainless steel faucets and drawer knobs. Welcome back brass. This timeless material will never be outdated. It works with modern or antique trends.

By incorporating some of these ideas into your personal decorating choices, you will be on the cutting edge of home decorating. When it comes to your home, let your choices be your voice. Then it will truly be your brand.

Photos by Pixabay and Samantha Sophia

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