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Twinkle, photo by Mark Kracker

Twinkle, Thank you!

| Sande Caplin |

I am one of the few who have not witnessed a concert from start to finish by Sarasota / Bradenton’s own, “Twinkle.”  Yesterday at the Cortez Stone Crab Festival I got the chance and it was a show that I won’t soon forget.  The festival itself is quite an experience with locals and tourists hanging out and enjoying great seafood, ice cold beer, specialty drinks and fabulous “local” live music.  Twinkle and her band were the headliners yesterday.  

I was taking it all in with my friend Wendy Joffe and photographer extraordinaire, Mark Kracker.  When Twinkle hit the stage, I was in awe.  Her energy overflowed from the stage into the crowd.  I could not believe my eyes!  We were sitting in the back and I slowly worked my way up front and found a single seat in the front row.  Wow!  I spent the next 3 hours smiling and taking it all in.

Twinkle and Michael Allman, Photo by Mark KrackerTwinkle does not just sing, she performs……she puts on a show that is an extravaganza!  Constant movement, constant showmanship, grooving with the band members, Lenny Brooks, Tony LeClerc and Troy Parrish.…’s non stop.  Then, out of no where she leaves the stage and the next thing you know she has a whole new performance singing and mingling with the crowd.  You can’t help but getting out of your seat and singing and dancing with Twinkle.  She invited Michael Allman to come up and sing with her.  You could feel the vibe.  Michael and Twinkle sang some great stuff.

I can understand why Twinkle and the band are touring nationwide and also out of the country.  She is fabulous.  At the end of the show I had a big grin on my face.  After performing her heart out for most of the afternoon I saw what Twinkle’s greatest joy is.  She had her little grand daughter in her arms and the love was just gushing.  That little bundle of joy in Twinkle’s arms, and both of their grins made the day.

Twinkle at the Cortez Stone Crab FestivalTwinkle, thanks for making the day so special.  You shared your love with some wonderful folks yesterday.  Thanks for taking the time after your show to say hello and shake hands.  Oh, I am going to hold you to a promise that you made yesterday.  In a couple of weeks, we are going to sit down over a cup of coffee.  I know you have some great stories to share!  Thank you.

photos by Mark Kracker


 Twinkle, photo by Vicky Sullivan Photos   
   photo by Vicky Sullivan Photos

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