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Ladies Sing the Blues

The Ladies, Big T and Ocean Blues

| Sande Caplin |

One word to describe last nights event at Ocean Blues…..”Marvelous.” Sudie Brattli, Carolyn Davis, Katt Graeber, Melanie Massell, Lauren Mitchell and Kara Nally were simply marvelous! To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. First of all, Ocean Blues was packed. The community came out to support all six of these lovely ladies. Congratulations, Sarasota / Bradenton!

The ladies, who were representing “Ladies Sing the Blues” performed two songs and then came back to do another. With each song and with each performance, the crowd went wild. Singing, dancing and just having fun, fun, fun!

So, the rumor is (and right now it’s strictly rumor) that maybe all six of these lovely ladies will be singing at Florida Blue “Blues and Music Festival.”

Thank you “ladies,”…….you were all so passionate and there was so much love at Ocean Blues last night. Congratulations, ladies and all of the wonderful folks who came out last night. Thanks “Big “T” for all of your hard work and to the band who were fabulous! Hope to see all six of you singing at the festival!  And, thank you Steve Arvey for getting “Ladies Sing The Blues” started!

Sudie Brattli  Carolyn Davis

Katt Graeber Melanie Massell

Lauren Mitchell Kara Nally

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