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Ladies Sing the Blues

Support Our Ladies Tonight

| Sande Caplin |

I know that I am going to be creating some controversy here and there will be a few folks that are pissed off, but sometimes you have to say what you have to say.  It’s about 6 very lovely and talented ladies from “Ladies Sing the Blues” who are performing tonight at Ocean Blues in a type of competition.

To be fair, I have to say that the rules for the competition were posted very clearly on Facebook on August 21, so no one is being blind sided here.  All of the ladies had a choice to make as to whether or not they get involved in the competition to ultimately perform at the Florida Blue “Blues and Music Festival.”

It’s the end result that I am concerned about.  These are 6 really good girls who got involved with Ladies Sing the Blues for the comradery and to help raise money for local charities performing at events several times a year.  All of the ladies who are involved do a fabulous job.  

Flying Dog Cafe, Ladies Sing the Blues EventA bit about these ladies…. Carolyn Davis, Katt Graeber, Lauren Mitchell, Sudie Brattli, Melanie Massell and Kara Nally.  They are all very hard working gals during the day and entertainers at night. Lauren & Carolyn worship together almost every Sunday.   Katt has a phenomenal retail store that caters to the locals.  Sudie is a mom and business owner.  I introduced her to the “Flying Dog Thursday night Jam” a couple of years ago.  Melanie is energy personified, always smiling and a huge supporter of our community.  Kara is now a full time musician, working hard everyday along with developing her new website.

Come out tonight at 8pm to Ocean Blues.  I’m going!  Support, clap and scream for all 6 ladies.  These are good girls!  A couple of them are going to go home disappointed and a little hurt.  That is not what Ladies Sing the Blues is about.  Who knows, maybe the powers to be can figure out a way for all 6 wonderful entertainers to “make the cut.”

Your comments are welcomed below.

To learn more about ALL of the Ladies of “Ladies Sing the Blues,” go to

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