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Southern Rock and Bar-B-Q Festival - Getting Rid of Stress Factors!

Southern Rock and Bar-B-Q Festival – Getting Rid of Stress Factors!

| Laura Bell Adams |

Have you ever gone to an event, only to be stuck in traffic trying to get there or sit in line to check in as you hear the music starting when you haven’t even gotten out of your car? How about parking your car on a side street somewhere only to be worried about it getting towed the whole time you are ‘trying’ to enjoy yourself or having to run back to your car to add quarters to the parking meter? Or worse, having to walk a mile or two just to get into the event while dragging lawn chairs, blankets and other personal baggage? Then, when you can’t find street parking, someone has opened up their yard for you to park for $10 or more!?

As we all know, there are numerous events that go on in this area and I would have to say that, more than not, one of these thoughts entered your mind and encouraged you to stay home. I want to put you at ease for our festival.

The Southern Rock and Bar-B-Q Festival is a no hassle place to come.Getting to the Southern Rock and BBQ Music Festival is easy! Whether you are traveling from the south, north, east or west, US Hwy 301 is easily accessible from I-75 and I-4. US Hwy 301 is a main highway; there’s not a whole bunch of traffic lights or twists and turns in small neighborhoods or city blocks in order to wind your way into the property. It’s straight forward. The Masonic Park and Youth Camp is on US Hwy 301. Once you are in the park, our ticket booth will be a breeze and you won’t even have to get out of your car! Our staff will quickly trade an armband for your printed ticket and off you can go to our parking area. In order to keep everything streamlined, we are asking for cash only at the gate if you want to purchase an armband the day of the show. No fussing with card readers and internet connections. We have made this decision for your convenience, so be considerate to the other concert goers and come prepared. Once you are at the festival, our vendors will accept credit cards, so you won’t have to carry much cash with you inside.



Don’t you hate having to drive around for 30 minutes looking for a parking space and then finding one in the darkest, scariest area of town to then have to walk what seems like forever with your lawn chairs, blankets, strollers, children and all your other ‘things’? By the time you get into the festival area, you need a nap from all the cardio you just did. Not the case at Southern Rock and BBQ Music Festival. Parking is on the property and free with your event ticket. The entire park is secure. The Shriner’s Provost Guard will assist you in parking your car in the park’s huge athletic field. These gentlemen will be in the parking area during the festival, keeping your car secure. Plus, with only a short walk from the event to your car, it’s easy to just bring what you need for the moment and go back to your car later for more things.

So, put your mind at rest. This is a no hassle place to come. It’s easy to get to and a breeze to park. We want to make your day at the Southern Rock and BBQ Music Festival to be your best experience ever! Join the tribe! You can purchase tickets at: Eventbrite -OR go to our website at .

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