Slime Blowout Coming To Sarasota!

Slime Blowout Coming To Sarasota!

For the first time ever, a slime convention is coming to Sarasota, Florida!

The Slime Blowout, taking place on October 19th, 2019, at the Robarts Arena, promises to be the largest gathering of slime enthusiasts on the Gulf Coast. The event features a variety of exciting slime-related activities like a slime-making station, a slime market with 40+ slime vendors, a slime swap, the Halloween-themed “Scary Slime” contest, classes on how to make different kinds of slime led by famous slimers, a DJ and more!



Slimer Blowout coming to Robarts Arena in Sarasota, FLThe Slime Blowout also offers an opportunity to meet your favorite slimers as slime-world VIPs like @peachybbies, @glitter.slimes, @slimekiingg, @pianoslimeshoppe, @satisfactorystore, @cornwithslime, @theslimebasin, @fudgeslimes and others will be making special appearances and selling their amazing products. These social media superstars have close to 5 million followers around the world.

The Slime Blowout will also host the ASMR Film Festival, one of the world’s first festivals of this kind, focusing on viral ASMR videos that feature “satisfying sounds”. These videos, extremely popular on Instagram, Youtube and other social media networks, can be involving slime, food, whispers, brushing, or numerous other special sounds.

The slime trend has been taking America and the world by storm. It has been featured recently in the New York Times, which described the stress-relieving aspects of this fun hobby, very popular among teenagers. Slime has “bloomed into a symbol of modern childhood,“ noted the article. ​Come check this out for yourself on October 19th!

The Slime Blowout is being organized by the Sarasota native Bryn Famiglio, an avid slimer herself (under the Instagram account Pineapple Sweet Slimes), and the production company Radiant Island (led by Petra & Paul Ratner).

To buy tickets or to register as a slime vendor, please go to Slime Blowout. Watch this video of a Slime Rodeo!

Photos from Petra Ratner.




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