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Savannah Brady

Savannah Brady Cancels Benefit Show

| Sande Caplin |

The “Savannah Gives Back” benefit for Shriners on August 10th has been cancelled because of some family health issues. Since I am unable to devote the attention that is needed for a fundraiser, I know cancelling is the right thing to do at this time.  

I am grateful for all the support I received with planning this fundraiser. I want to thank Greg Gerdes, Gail Gerdes, Jenne Emman, Johanne Eisenmann, & Ed Wooster for all the time and energy they put into organizing this event. I also appreciate each of the bands who had agreed to generously share their time and talent; Karen Klarich and The Big Bad Wolves, Shotgun Justice, Kim Betts and Gamble Creek, and Jami Gee who was going to join Sheree Barnes, Jonathan Shrader, Taylor Panico and me for a few songs . You all are awesome!

Even though there won’t be a fundraiser on August 10th, I feel the work that everyone put into organizing the event wasn’t a total waste of time. At least we were all able to spread the word about the great work Shriners does for children. I speak from personal experience. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know how long I would have suffered with pain in my feet and legs. They are a wonderful organization that really cares about children.

I hope to hold the benefit at a later date once the health issues are resolved for each of my family members. Meanwhile, if you see a fez wearing guy collecting for Shriners, please give generously! As I said, they are a great organization!

Savannah Brady’s Bio:
15 years old, Savannah has studied violin for ten years and guitar for three years. Her violin teacher is Cynthia Wiley, guitar teacher is Jami Gee, and vocal coach is Kodi Sells. She has attended several Suzuki Violin workshops and Sarasota Youth Orchestra’s Summer with the Symphony programs. She has played violin with the North Port Symphony Orchestra, performed in Ladies Sing the Blues, and is a former member of the Jimi Gee Jr. All-Stars. This past winter she had the honor of playing with the Suncoast Super Strings under the direction of Itzhak Perlman. She currently fronts The Savannah Brady Band where she plays guitar and sings. Savannah has also received superior scores for nine consecutive years at the district festival through the Florida Federation of Music Clubs for violin solos. You can find Savannah playing and singing around the community at various venues.

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