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Winter Arts

Sarasota Winter Arts & Crafts Festival, February 16-27

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Looking ahead for fun things to do?  Please put us on your “To Do” list on February 26-27, 2022 in JD Hamel Park:  the premiere of the Sarasota Winter Arts & Crafts Festival.  The event will showcase the original works of artisans and crafters from throughout Florida and across the United States.  The event is graciously hosted by the Downtown Sarasota Enrichment Association

Over 70 artisans will showcase their art, in the process creating an outdoor gallery of spectacular painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography, glass, ceramics, fiber and wearable art, mixed-media, metalwork, graphics, woodworking and more.  Explore a diversity of styles, techniques and materials guided by the unique and compelling visions of each artisan. Discuss with the artists how they create and become inspired.  Explore commissioning a unique piece of art made specifically for you! 

The Sarasota Winter Arts & Crafts Festival is open 10 am to 5 pm both Saturday and Sunday. Admission is FREE!  Immerse yourself in the visual experience as your sensibilities and appreciation for beauty guide you!

For additional information visit the website HERE

From Facebook –  Paragon Fine Art Festivals presents the most unique fine art festivals in the world. Our shows have some of the most talented artists displaying some of the most unique, breathtaking fine art you will ever see.

We have high standards in both participating artists and the locations in which we hold our events. Our philosophy is to present boutique shows, bringing together high quality artists and an experienced art buying public, creating a community centered around the shared love of fine art. We extend this community approach by encouraging our attendees to visit the local business and restaurants sounding our events

Photo from Paragon Events

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