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World Sunfish Championship

Sarasota Sailing Squadron Set to Host 50th World Sunfish Championship

| Suncoast Post Staff |

The Sarasota Sailing Squadron will host 100 competitors in the 50th World Sunfish Championship at the squadron’s home club, 1717 Ken Thompson Pkwy, situated on City Island, from October 23-29, 2021.

The 100 competitors hail from North America, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Europe. The athletes will sail in new boats supplied by Sunfish Direct. Competitors have participated in qualifying events held in their respective countries, and they showcase the countries’ best sailors.

The Sunfish is a single-handed boat first built in the United States in the 1950’s. This boat type can be seen all over the world on lakes, bays, seas and oceans. The world championships have been held in numerous countries since its inaugural year in 1970, with this event being the most anticipated regatta for sunfish sailors.

President of the International Sunfish Class Association, Rich Chapman, requested of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron that it host the 50th World Championship. “Sailors love the Sarasota area for its great sailing conditions and wonderful community attractions.”

The weeklong event includes twelve total races.  A “lay day” is scheduled if any weather delays occur. The extra day is typically a time for visitors to enjoy the amenities that Sarasota has to offer. Many family members also attend and join in the squadron’s planned activities, which enhances the experience for everyone. Past world competitors were also invited to attend, which will bring more sailors to enjoy the racing via spectator boats and other entertainment events.

“We have hosted this event once before and feel confident that the 50th will be very successful,” said Vice Commodore Judy Hodgson.

Florida competitors to watch include Sailors Jeff Linton, Jeff Olson and Mike Ingham who have all won a myriad of regattas leading up the 50th World Sunfish Championship. The South Americans are also known for their great talent and will make the tough competition even tougher.

The Dockside Pub on Longboat Key is a good place to watch the action. Community members may call or email the Chairwoman if they have any questions.  If any media are interested in covering on-site, boats are available for media coverage. Please reach out to the Regatta Chairwoman by October 13th to reserve a spot.

Photo from Sarasota Sailing Squadron Facebook Page

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