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world's largest zombie movie

Sarasota Film Festival Presents: World’s Largest Zombie Movie

| Bess Donoghue |

In an effort to support the social distance efforts at the time, the Sarasota Film Festival is proud to host an at home filming experience for kids to participate in creating the World’s Largest Zombie Movie!

How it works

Upon submitting registrations, young filmmakers from around the world receive parts of the script and instructions. They have a week to film that section of the story. Stay safe at home and film with the equipment, actors and props available to you. Film using the “screenlife” film language — that means using your available devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops to capture the story and utilizing what is on the screens too including capturing conversations on Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Messenger, or anywhere else digital.

Every week a new “wave” of filming takes place while the editing is ongoing. The organizers keep track of the overall story and facilitate the process but kids steer their individual storylines, participate in community discussions about the movie, as well as share photos and videos of production. The parts filmed by young filmmakers will be assembled with the help of industry veterans into Chapter 1 of the film that premieres online on May 1st. More chapters will be released as the project keeps going.


Children from Kindergarten to 12th Grade from around the world.


With already over 250 entries, new wave of filmmaking begins April 17th. Register today!


No fee to participate! Join the fun!


Kids around the world, isolated from their friends and activities because of coronavirus, now have a unique and free opportunity to make a large international movie without leaving their homes. This educational project is produced by Paul and Petra Ratner and supported by Bazelevs Entertainment, the production company behind such “screenlife” box office hits as “Searching” and “Unfriended” and local school partners from Sarasota county.

The project is presented with the support of various sponsors and partners from the Sarasota community including: Famiglio Family, Amicus Foundation, 332 Cocoanut, Moon & Co Eyewear, Sage Restaurant, Sack Family, Wallack Family Fund, Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office, New College, Ringling College, Gates Construction, DSDG architects, BMW/Lamborghini of Sarasota, Embassy Suites-Hilton as well as granting organization Sarasota County Tourist Development Cultural/Arts and the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.

More information

Please visit for additional information.

Photo from worlds largest zombie movie

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