Nights In White Satin

Parties by LeslieSRQ having their 110th Party and you are invited!

When I moved back to my hometown of SRQ I was SINGLE!  Like many people, I joined the various ‘single groups’ that abound on the internet!!!   After I attended a few poorly organized & awkward events, I thought “Hey, I think I’ll host a party myself”!!!  My VERY 1st Party was on my birthday April 25th at Marina Jack!!! (Party on the Big Pond) and 425 people attended…………and I was “Hooked”!!  Four (4) years later (and now “NOT” Single), Paul and I are celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Parties by LeslieSRQ!  The BEST thing about doing this, are the FRIENDSHIPS that have been made!  We still see some of the SAME people at our events that attended the very 1st Party!   Our group has since grown to embrace not only ‘singles’ but EVERYONE!   In fact, at our very 1st Party, a couple met who are now happily married and still attend our events from time-to-time!!

 Bearded Clam, Sarasota FloridaOn July 19, 2014 we are having our 4-year Anniversary Party at the Bearded Clam (Nights in White Satin) with the Billy Rice Band.   Cumulatively in 4 years, we have given 110 events; hired or recommended over 600 Musicians/Vocalists;  and over 13,000 people have attended our events!  We enthusiastically THANK each and every one for the support you have given us!!!   After all is said and done, it is the GUESTS that make the Party!!!

We WISH we had room here to name and thank ALL the many talented Musicians &  Vocalists who have contributed  to the success of these events as well as the many local venues & clubs …………….. WAIT…………sounds like a good opportunity for a VIDEO!!!  
So please join us July 19th at the Bearded Clam.  There will be a Meet & Greet reception out at the pool area from 6 until 7 PRIOR to the Billy Rice Band  starting at 7:30 PM inside.  These events and parties are open to EVERY ONE   (you do not need to be a member of Parties by LeslieSRQ to attend).

We welcome you to view both our past and future parties by going to

Parties By Leslie SRQ

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