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Dr. Lisa Mowrey

Overwhelmed? Spiritually Undernourished? Curious?

| Sande Caplin |

Then come and “WRITE FOR YOUR SOUL!”
An intensive journaling experience that’s also fun!
Saturday, April 26th, 9am to 3pm

Why should I spend six hours on a Saturday participating in an intensive journaling workshop called “Write for your Soul?”

Twelve reasons why you should attend:
1) You relax and enjoy guided meditations which kick in the imagination
(A bonus):You learn to meditate if you don’t know how already
2) You write from that ‘all knowing place’ within and access some answers to troubling     questions
3) You appreciate the sacred space, and the respectful privacy of the process
4) You enjoy the diversity of the group, everyone is so unique
5) You access the power of the unconscious and evoke creative ability
6) You honor your ‘self’ for a day and enjoy surprising revelations through meditating     and writing
7) You discover that you can write, that a journal is a valuable tool and a direct     connection to your inner therapist
8) You connect with your spiritual self and healing takes place as a result
9) You learn that no one benefits from your struggle and sense of lack (true!)
10) You leave with new found insights and a desire to continue journaling, a tool that     helps you clear your path in life and communicate more effectively
11) You leave with new-found desire to stop rejecting parts of your self and to be more     present in your life
12) You leave with a new understanding and appreciation for your body, mind and     spirit, and a deeper connection with your higher self

Come join us. Meditate, write, relax, share, laugh, learn, write some more!
Wear comfortable clothing and please bring a bag lunch!

Call Now to reserve your seat! 941-544-3900 or sign up at
Cost is $125.00 in advance and $150.00 day of the event. Make check payable to Dr. Lisa Mowrey, PhD, LMHC, Mail to: 73 S. Palm Ave., #219 Sarasota, Fl 34236 Private practice psychologist since 1994

Thank you!
Lisa Mowrey, PhD, LMHC

About Dr. Mowrey:
Dr. Lisa Mowrey earned her PhD in Psychology from the Union Institute and has been in private practice since 1994. She has facilitated intensive journaling workshops for several years and enjoys witnessing others as they journey into their souls through writing and meditation. She practiced in Tokyo for four years, taught at Argosy University for ten, is licensed as a mental health counselor and certified as a hypnotherapist. Her theoretical approach is primarily Humanistic. Her office is on Palm Ave, Suite 219, Sarasota, Florida. 

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