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Nik Wallenda Brings World’s First Drive-In Stunt Show To Sarasota

Enjoying a Nik Wallenda show from the car? Why not?

A lot going on in the car these days

These days it has become very apparent there is quite a bit that can be accomplished right from the back, or front, seats of our automobiles. For starters, we learned that creating colorful signs donned with homemade items and carried to the car with love really meant the world to people who waited for us to drive by in our cars for birthday and graduation parades.

We learned of the efficiency of dairy farmers and local businesses as they creatively derived ways to provide fresh goods that would otherwise be destroyed due to chinks in the supply chain thanks to COVID. Who would have thought in the middle of May you could pull into a parking lot in North Port and get milk all the way from Dakin Dairy? But through collaboration with Lolablue, that was done here in North Port.

We also revisited some “oldies but goodies” during recent times, seeing again the value of local drive-in movie theaters. And we found out that kids really do appreciate participating in traditions we grew up with, including putting our pajamas on, gathering our pillows and hopping in the truck with the inflatable air mattress for some under-the-stars movie viewing.

We have seen celebrations around the country where graduates are taking laps in NASCAR hotrods or using huge expansive spaces to spread out and still get the ‘pomp and circumstance’ they deserve. Social distancing, watching a great movie, spending time with family all from the comforts of our vehicles…these are the activities we are currently enjoying.

Believe it or not


And, now, Sarasota’s own daredevil extraordinaire, Nik Wallenda, is getting ready to thrill and awe us like only he can do. And, guess where the best, and only, seats in the house will be? You got it! In your very own automobile.

If you’re ready to squeal behind the wheel, be sure to check out Nik Wallenda’s Daredevil Rally. It’s premiering at Nathan Benderson Park on Friday, June 5th at 6:30 PM. Billed as a “Drive-In Thrill Show,” guests will not only be wowed by The Great Nik Wallenda but will be treated to the beautiful and brave exploits of Erendira Wallenda.

The Wallenda’s will be joined by other internationally renowned performers who will create a wheel of steel and human cannonball. Additionally, FMX Freestyle Jumpers as seen on Nitro Circus, will excite the leftover lovebugs right off your grills with death-defying jumps, over 75 feet through the air. With 11 Guinness World Records, whatever you expect from Nik Wallenda is always surpassed.

Come out to support Sarasota’s power couple, the Wallenda’s as they allow us to continue our “oohs” and “aahs” from our socially-distanced automobiles. There are currently eight shows scheduled through mid-June. Guests can get $1 off of their ticket price (up to $5) with the donation of a non-perishable food item.

General admission prices for children and adults is $20, with several VIP, preferred parking, and family discount packages available. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

Photos courtesy of Nik Wallenda Facebook page.

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