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Kettle of Fish

Myakka Blues Fest- An Awesome Celebration

| Sande Caplin |

A Great Day At The Myakka River!
Photos by Mark Kracker

To quote Steve Arvey-
“After it’s all said and done, it’s really about the beauty of the Myakka River….After everybody left, I sat and I finally got a second to kick back and thank God and all the people that were blessed to be a part of the celebration of this incredible river and how we all shared in friendship, life and music this day…..I sat for a long while and wished so many more people can see this fantastic river one day.  Thank you Snook Haven for believing in me and helping me and the Suncoast Blues Society to put this fest together.”

Well put Steve.  When Mr. Arvey and my friend RJ Howson asked me to get the word out about the Myakka Blues Festival I had some reservations.  Not about the talent Steve Arveythat would be making music, but the attendance on the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend.  Well OMG, was I fooled.  I pulled up to the parking lot around noon and thought that I was in the wrong place!  A traffic jam to get into Snook Haven……wow.  Word has it that there were about 1000 in attendance.  Fantastic!

The show, the scenery, the food, the drink and of course our wonderful Myakka River made this day one of the great one’s.  There was so much love, so much happiness and smile after smile.  It was so great to see some folks that I haven’t seen in a long time and also hook up with some new and refreshing “blues lovers.”

Myakka RiverRight from the start the music was totally awesome.  Belmont & Jones, George Worthmore, Hurricane Wilson, Steve Arvey & Friends, The Bob Diehlman Band, and the group that brought the entire festival into a wild dance party….Kettle of Fish with special guests, RJ Howson and Greg Poulos.  You could feel the love.  If you were hungry, there was all kind of food from turkey legs, to hot dogs, awesome bbq, sandwiches and so much more.  Lot’s of great beer and wine and also a big “thank you” to Florida Avenue Ales (Cold Storage In Tampa makes this brew)  for supporting this wonderful event.  Steve also asked me to mention some other sponsors of the event who helped make it happen.  Our local sponsors-  Snoopy Hudson Guitar Company, Lifestylations Magazine, Michael Monahan, CPA, &

More from Steve Arvey-  “It was great to have Local Vendors.  Also this was the first Big Festival for Florida Ave. Ales based out of Tampa… Marty Aho from Cold Storage Brewery who makes these fine beers in Tampa came to the fest and met many people that loved  the wide variety of Florida Ave. Ales….. At $3 a glass the beer was sold out by the end of Kettle Of Fish’s Set and everyone got to try something new and most importantly “Local”….Most fests always push the big names… This time it was about Florida…”

Some more thank you’s…….Thank you to Snook Haven for being such a great host,  thank you to the Myakka River……a blessing to our community,  thank you to the George Worthmore and Fansmusicians, the great Snook Haven staff, and the behind the scenes folks who made it all happen.   Oh, one more “thank you.”  My pal, Mark Kracker has taken some great photos.  He was there for the entire day.  I am sure he has lot’s to share.  

What a special day.  It was all about the music, and musicians supporting musicians.

 RJ Howson        Steve Arvey & Rebecca Bird

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