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Le Marche Bohemien – Parisian-Inspired Outdoor Marketplace in Sarasota

| Christine Baer |

Le Marche Bohemien, Saturday, March 20, 2021, from 10 am-5 pm, is coming to Five Points to showcase many talented artists who repurpose items and create interesting works of art!

Our first event in over a year, we are excited to host this wonderful event and, once again, have Michelet Innocent, International Singer, join us!

Le Marche Bohemien Guidelines and Information

Please take a look at our safety guidelines…we will be cautious and mindful.

  1. Registration will be completed online.
  2. Safety protocol will be emailed to each participant.
  3. Artists will be greeted upon arriving and assisted with any questions they may have at that time.
  4. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival with Infrared forehead thermometers.
  5. Artists will have maps with their booth locations numbered on the sidewalk to set up their tents and art; they will park their vehicles in the Palm Avenue Garage.
  6. Tents will be placed six feet apart from each other and placed on the sidewalks only.
  7. Signage will direct attendees to maintain the social distance required, along with wearing a mask.  This will be closely monitored and those not in compliance will be respectfully asked to leave the show.
  8. Sanitizers and Masks will be available throughout the show.
  9. The one portable restroom will be sanitized throughout the day.
  10. Only the artist and one person will be at the booth at any given time.
  11. Event organizers, artists and guests will all be on high alert throughout the show. We will all be attentive.

We are looking forward to a spectacular Le Marche Bohemien, Saturday, March 20, from 10-5…this will be a different year, of course, but we are certain everyone will be ready to come out and enjoy a safe and interesting event.  We hope you’ll join us!

Watch this fabulous video and listen to the magnificent voice of Michelet Innocent! 

Michelet Innocent Video

LeMarche Bohemian Facebook

Photos from Christine Baer

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