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Diso Saturday Night Fever

Is Disco Back?

| Sande Caplin |

There is one thing about DISCO, it is always ready to be ‘dusted off’ & come out of the closet for a night!!!  DISCO has become part of our “Pop Culture” and iconic images of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, still pop up in main stream media.  As Kool and the Gang said: ” On disco lights your name will be seen. You can fulfill all your dreams. Party here, party there, ev’rywhere. This is your night Baby, YOU’VE GOT to be THERE”.  

Remember dancing under the Disco Lights?
DISCO was a ‘Radio’ generation and DJs RULED~ In actuality, the DISCO period was relatively short-lived as the British Invasion and Live Bands began to dominate the music & entertainment scene.  Party people packed away their white polyester leisure suits and replaced them with bell-bottom jeans & miniskirts  (gone were the sequins, glitter and gold lame).

The amazing thing I have discovered is that many people did not dispose of their disco duds!!  It is not unusual to discover someone’s favorite hot pants or leisure suit tucked away in the back of their closets.  While our society prides itself on constantly re-inventing itself, the truth is, that we probably do MORE re-cycling than re-inventing!  Fashion trends from the 60s, 70s, 80s etc. are constantly re-appearing in our culture!!  This applies to MUSIC preferences as well.  For example,  say 5 years ago, DJs were struggling to find a ‘gig’ that wasn’t a wedding reception and live music RULED.  Today, while LIVE Music is still dominant,  DJs are back in ‘vogue’ and commanding a pay scale comparable to live bands.

There is no predicting what the next 5 years will bring.  Big bands could become the rage again or musical evenings may become an individual virtual experience that does not require getting out of your chair!  The latter possibility is highly unlikely, as it is doubtful that our society will ever lose its desire to DANCE!  

Dee Jay ImminentSpeaking of ‘dancing’, most eras in our society have a ‘face’.  For Rock n Roll it was Elvis and for DISCO it was the Dancing Queen herself,  Donna Summer.  Donna Summer, in her later years, relocated to Manasota Key and stepped out of the Disco Lights forever when she passed away in Naples, FL in May of 2012.  Donna was known to have said this of herself:  “God had to create disco music so I could be born and be successful”.

So, if you like to Dance and you would enjoy an opportunity to do it under the ‘Disco Lights’, there is an opportunity coming up for you!!

On September 7th, Mamma Onesti’s is having a *Saturday Night Disco Fever* Party!  Let’s go ‘back in time’ and party *DISCO STYLE* with Sarasota’s own DeeJay Imminent! (hosted by Parties by LeslieSRQ).  Visit their website at

There is going to be a DANCE Contest and a BEST Disco Look Contest!
To read MORE about this upcoming event, visit this link

P.S.  Aren’t you glad you didn’t throw away that ‘leisure suit’?

About Leslie SRQ:

Leslie SRQLeslie Hinsz Marron (aka LeslieSRQ) is a CRACKER!!  Yes, she was actually born in Sarasota. In her early 20s, despite the sunshine, the palm trees & the beaches, she wandered off to Memphis to dabble in architecture &  construction and to consort with the likes of Elvis & BB King.  Predictably, like a fish to water, she came back home to Sarasota and has been swimming upstream ever since!  Promoting & Praising the Paradise she calls ‘home’, her passion for all things Sarasota,  is expressed on her website Whether it is the creation of unique and inspiring Videos, or Special Events,  or exciting Graphics & Photos, Leslie promotes people, places & events in Full, Vibrant Color!!  Please visit her site to see how she can help promote YOU or call 941-748-4252.

Disco photo utilized in graphic shown in article purchased from on 8-5-2013

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