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Cirque Italia

Have you ever seen an Italian water circus?

| Sande Caplin |


Get ready for an experience that will take you far far away, to the wonders of Italy and the magic of an immersion into its culture. And into water! Yes, you heard well. Our circus features a 35,000 gallons water stage! Isn’t that crazy? We’re like no other circus in the US, you can be sure. And we take pride in our uniqueness!

During the show, you won’t believe your eyes when the lid lifts up to 35 feet in the air while a CURTAIN OF RAIN AND FOUNTAINS DANCE WITH EACH PERFORMANCE MOVE!

Indeed, our show wouldn’t be the same without our artists’ spectacular performances! We have artists from all over the world that will make you feel like a child again, keep you entertained and craving for more! And don’t forget the atmosphere you’ll be able to experience. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Italy! And you’ll even have the chance to sit at a tavolino in our cafe and taste an espresso like only we Italians can make, and maybe some pizza or spaghetti? You’ll get the real Italian thing, not the fake one!

Authentic Italian tradition and origins is what characterizes us, starting from our founder and inspirator, Manuel Rebecchi. Being Moira Orfei’s nephew, the owner and soul of the most famous circus in Italy, Manuel can truly say he has the circus in his blood. He knows this industry and world like no other! His passion, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit have all combined to make of this show an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. Because Manuel’s core mission was just as simple and difficult at the same time: “I want to see people have fun, enjoy the show, and go out with a smile and the desire to come back!”

We are now celebrating our third birthday, so that we can say we’ve achieved Manuel’s dream! Yet, we’re always striving to make our show even more spectacular! Thanks to Chante, our COO and producer who’s indefatigable in bringing innovation, brand new acts and classiness to our show! Cirque Italia brings performers with unique talent, and rather have an animal free show. This is for those who may wonder what type of circus we are. Our performers are more than enough enjoyment which all will experience! What about the VERTICALI ACT all the way from Italy? Wouldn’t you like to hear our artist sing Bocelli while performing UPSIDE DOWN? Then are you ready to see the optical illusion and hypnotism of our LASERMAN ACT? Watch the laws of physics crumble when the performer actually “holds” a beam of light in his hand, splits it into two, then bends it and spins it around like a light saber!

And more magic in the air with the TWIN SAILORS performing their amazing DUO LIRA ACT! Children of all ages will be ready for our MERMAID ACT emerging from her shell and dancing in the ether too! Hey girls and guys, do you know that she will be delighted to take pictures with you? This is just a little description of what you’ll see! CHINESE POLES, LIFE SIZE BUBBLES, THE FUSCO BROTHERS with their juggling act, and more await you! So, get your tickets! We’re opening our doors tomorrow! Buy tickets now to save money! And remember: we’re offering a free child with each adult admission in levels 2-3!

For more info check us out on our website:! We’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Interact with us! Keep up to date with the latest news!

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