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Global Wellness Day At The Westin Hotel Sarasota

Global Wellness Day At The Westin Hotel Sarasota

| Laura Bell Adams |

We all know the ups and downs of trying to live a healthful life. There are days where we are our own best friend, remembering to get out and take that walk before it gets too hot, eat the salad instead of the French fries, and slurp that lemon water through a paper straw, nixing plastic at all costs.

Then, there are moments of weakness that sometimes extend into days of unfortunate living that may include drinking too much alcohol, eating far too many Oreos, and other acts of similar debauchery. As humans, it is difficult for 99% of us to toe the line so we settle for a more balanced life, hoping to err on the side of healthy as we make our daily decisions on what to eat, whom we spend time with, and what impact we will have on this world.



Global Wellness Day sheds light on the need to incorporate simple, but necessary, guidelines into our daily lives to ensure we are living at our peak. What began as a social experiment in Turkey has grown into an international day of “living well.” Held the second Saturday in June every year, this is one special day we can celebrate without spending our money on cards, candy, flowers, or expensive meals. In 2018, Global Wellness Day was celebrated simultaneously in 130 countries at 5000 locations. Some of the pinnacle events around the world including the placement of a flag at Mt. Everest and providing healthcare to vulnerable children in Thailand and Myanmar.

Global Wellness Day encourages us to 'recognize the value of our lives.'The tenants of Global Wellness Day include simple tactics to improve your life that are easy to incorporate if you’re not already utilizing them. The first one is to recognize the value of our lives. I interpret that as, “Folks, this is not a dress rehearsal.” You have one precious life and it is full of wonder and awe, you just have to open your heart and mind to the small things. If you have difficulty finding the magic in your life, look in the mirror. There is only one you, and the science, biology, and spirituality that goes into that can be very awe-inspiring if you let your mind even partially grasp its enormity.

Another aim of GWD is to pause and think, even if for only one day. When we consciously delve into what really inspires us, from the large ticket items like a soul mate or home, to the small things like how you feel when you feed your body beautiful, healthy foods, life gets vividly colorful. living in the moment and savoring the good and bad makes you feel alive. Also, when you truly take the time to consider another human’s feelings and best interests and work toward their happiness, a shift is made toward a kinder, gentler you.

A third aspect of GWD is to be free from the stresses of everyday life and bad habits. If you’ve needed a nudge to give up that morning cigarette, or perhaps kick the habit altogether, then maybe GWD is the perfect day to begin. Free yourself from road rage, envy, and the other demons that haunt you if only for one day. Sounds difficult but what if you were to just make a first step, whether that involves talking to a friend or joining a church? Make one small move in the direction that is right for you whether it’s foregoing an evening cocktail, letting someone else have the last word or choosing a walk over that chocolate brownie.

Global Awareness Day encourages us to 'make peace with ourselves."The last two tenants of GWD go hand-in-hand: to make peace with ourselves and to raise awareness about living well throughout the year. If you’ve been harboring self-destructive body images or telling yourself you can’t do something, remember that you must be your own advocate. There is no one who will care for you like you, regardless of the intimacy you may feel with another human being. If you realize your worth and begin the necessary art of self-care, the benefits will be exponential.

How will you be celebrating Global Wellness Day this Saturday, June 8th? We hope it includes quiet reflections upon what you are doing right in this world, participating in healthy activities that allow you to slow down from the daily rigors of life and finding beauty in your surroundings, wherever they may be. Locally, there will be a full day of free events hosted by The Westin Hotel  that will include yoga, cycling, speakers, and a vendor village. Activities begin at 9:00 A.M. and conclude at 9:00 P.M. with an evening meditation. Throughout the day, keynote speakers and unique opportunities to try a cryotherapy chamber and B12 supplements, along with prizes and giveaways will provide a great backdrop for your day of health and wellness. For more information on Global Wellness Day, please visit their Facebook page

Photos courtesy of Global Wellness Day Facebook page.


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