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Gayo Azul and Miami: A Culinary Love Story at the Burger Beast Scavenger Hunt

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Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 10th, for an event in Miami’s Westchester. This isn’t just an event; it’s a culinary celebration commemorating 15 glorious years of Burger Beast’s footprint in the world of food blogging. Enter the Burger Beast Scavenger Hunt and Burger Popup Extravaganza: where gastronomic delights meet an adrenaline-filled adventure.  As attendees puzzle over scavenger hunt clues, their taste buds will also be embarking on a journey. Topping the charts is the pride of the Caribbean Hispanic culinary world – Gayo Azul, with its deep-rooted Dutch influence. A journey that promises the joy of sinking one’s teeth into the legendary El Hijo de la Gran Frita Burger, which graciously flaunts Gayo Azul’s iconic Gouda Cheese.


Josh Rosen, the Brand Manager at Gayo Azul, beams with pride reflecting on Gayo Azul’s entwined history with Miami’s rich culinary tapestry. A sentiment that Burger Beast’s very own, Sef Gonzalez, amplifies, speaking volumes about how this collaboration resonates with Miami’s enthusiastic cheese aficionados. Why does Gayo Azul’s Gouda have such a revered status in South Florida? Tracing its roots to the Caribbean of the 1950s, it embodies a fusion where Dutch cheese-making prowess marries Hispanic culinary traditions. This marriage has produced cheese masterpieces that have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of numerous family feasts over decades.

Scavenger Hunt

As Miami pulsates in excitement for this gastronomic carnival, one truth stands tall. Gayo Azul is more than a cheese; it’s an ode to the beauty of blending cultures, cherishing shared food stories, and the wonderment birthed when traditions tango. This September, Miami isn’t merely applauding the 15-year journey of Burger Beast. It’s celebrating a flavor-filled legacy that has transcended borders and epochs. Central to this narrative is Gayo Azul, seamlessly linking palates, heritages, and souls.


Ready to embark on this epicurean odyssey? Grab your tickets – a world of gastronomic wonders awaits, complete with the enticing grand prize of $150 worth of Gayo Azul Cheese. Miami’s culinary canvas is about to be painted with memories, musical notes, and mesmerizing flavors.

Book your spot for $20 per participant through this link:

Photos from Gayo Azul

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