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Essential Mixology Class & Tasting with author Julez Weinberg at Affinity Kitchen & Bath in Sarasota

Essential Mixology Class & Tasting with author Julez Weinberg at Affinity Kitchen & Bath in Sarasota

| Sande Caplin |

Learn how to elevate your cocktails and unleash your inner alchemist using health enhancing, natural ingredients and simple techniques.  Julez Weinberg has been involved in the world of mixology since the early nineties and has been working with essential oils since 1999. She is a passionate advocate of whole foods, pure ingredients and returning to nature for solutions regarding health & wellness.

Her extensive background in essential oils and herbs, combined with a health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, provides her with a wellspring of knowledge to share around nutrition and living a natural lifestyle. She is also a hobby chef, gardener, writer, photographer/filmmaker and all around creative being. She currently resides in Provincetown, Massachusetts with her spouse and business partner Meredith. The two of them have built a very successful business with doTERRA® and continue growing their teams globally. The Essential Mixologist is her first in a series of books where she will be sharing her wisdom and love for combining essential oils with food and drink.

The Essential Mixologist is about the art of maximizing flavor and weaving natural juices of fruits and vegetables with medicinal ingredients into cocktails through the use of essential oils to create aromatic elixirs. These cocktails can also be turned into mocktails by simply taking away the alcohol.

“My philosophy is not unique. I would say I’m part of a growing movement that encourages the use of ingredients in their purest forms, and the craft creation of as much of what we put into our bodies as is possible. The Essential Mixologist is an invitation to your inner alchemist—an invitation to play and to create the most amazing cocktails with health-enhancing properties right from the comfort of your home. It’s a book about embracing the art of mixology and the simplicity of sharing not just a cocktail with friends, but rather a medicinal cocktail with friends.” – Julez Weinberg

The class will start with a brief introduction about the basics of essential oils, then Julez will take it away with her essential mixology magic. And of course, all will get to try the cocktails from the demonstration.

“The Essential Mixologist” is filled with 22 original essential oil infused cocktail recipes that your taste buds will love! Books will be available for purchase at the event, personally signed by Julez.

Join us for a very special evening featuring Julez Weinberg, author of “The Essential Mixologist.”

* Advance Tickets are $10 and enter you into a chance to win a free signed copy of The Essential Mixologist
* On Site Ticket – $15 at the door


Affinity Kitchen & Bath LLC
1035 North Lime Avenue, Sarasota, Florida 34237
941 953-3240

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