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Circus Sarasota

Circus Sarasota Presents Star-Spangled Lineup for 2024 Show

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Each year, the Circus Arts Conservatory’s professional arm, Circus Sarasota, offers a showcase of top global circus artists performing in a one-ring traditional circus setting. Featuring new and innovative acts, Circus Sarasota’s 2024 production will offer high-flying action, heart-stopping thrills, laugh-out-loud comedic antics, and acts that defy both expectations and the boundaries of physical limitations.

“While this may be Circus Sarasota’s 26th year, we work very hard to make sure that no two productions are ever alike,” said CAC Founder/President & CEO Pedro Reis. “Our goal is to recruit the perfect balance of talent and variety to ensure patrons of all ages will be thrilled, inspired and entertained each and every year. We are confident this year’s show will take things to an entirely new level for our guests, whether they are a circus regular or brand new to the circus arts!”

Circus Sarasota runs Friday, February 16 – Sunday, March 10, 2024.

The lineup for Circus Sarasota 2024 includes:

Joseph Bauer Jr. (Ringmaster): The multi-talented Bauer – a Sarasota native – returns to Circus Sarasota to provide his elegance and prodigious skills as Ringmaster. Bauer, a star of Bauer’s Circus Maximus and a 15th generation member of one of Switzerland’s oldest circus families, has performed from a very young age, thrilling audiences with acts such as the motorcycle on the incline wire, skywalks on the highwire, the death-defying 90-foot swaypole, and the 50-foot whirling Wheel of Destiny. His circus career has taken him all around the world as well as to numerous illustrious circus venues, TV appearances, and competitions.

The Bello Sisters (Acrobatic Hand Balancing): Loren, Celine and Joline Bello are an Italian-German acrobatic trio of sisters who come from a circus family. Their father performed with Cirque du Soleil for 12 years and their mother was the first woman to walk on a highwire on stilts. Since developing their act, the sisters have become one the most-requested halftime show performers within sports leagues like the NBA and NCAA Basketball. In 2020, the Bello Sisters competed on both “America’s Got Talent” – where they made it into the Top 10 – and “Italy’s Got Talent” and then, in 2023, they returned for another shot at the championship on “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.”

Circus Sarasota
The Bello Sisters will showcase exceptional strength and balance during their act

Caleb Carinci (Horseback Riding): Caleb made his performance debut at the age of 6 as an acrobat for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival. Hailing from performing parents, his enthusiasm for the performing arts is only rivaled by his love for horses. Caleb and his horses have toured through Europe, Canada and Peru. He was featured in The Big Apple Circus and had a role in the filming of “The Greatest Showman.” He is excited to make his official Circus Sarasota debut this year!

Circus Sarasota
Equestrian artist Caleb Carinci will be making his Circus Sarasota debut

Duo Minasov (Quick Change Artistry): Married couple Elena and Victor Minasov are the fastest in their profession, which combines stunning costume changes with dance and illusion. Victor is a sixth-generation performer from a Russian circus family, starting out as a clown with his brothers and then presenting an animal/illusion act with his father. Elena was a champion acrobatic gymnast in Russia. Together, the two have presented a bear and wolf training act, then transitioned to a quick change/magical transformation act, through which they’ve wowed audiences worldwide.

Elan España (Diabolo Juggling): Elan is the youngest of the eighth generation of the performing España family. Elan began juggling the diabolo (a two-headed top caught with a string stretched between two sticks or batons) at the age of 6 and, since then, has traveled around the world presenting his fun, energetic and skillful routine, juggling up to four diabolos at one time. He has performed in Australia, Italy, toured the U.S. – including a performance at the Hollywood Bowl – and more. Now 19, he has also mastered the Cyr Wheel. In 2022, during the Ring of Fame Induction in Sarasota, Fla., Elan was awarded the “Generation Next Award,” honoring young artists on the stairway to stardom.

Circus Sarasota
Young artist Elan Espana is a skilled diabolo juggler

Noe España & Marcos Ponce Lopez (Double Wheel of Destiny): Noe España is a fifth-generation circus artist with worldwide circus experience. He is always pushing the envelope with creative interpretations of the Flying Trapeze, Wheel of Destiny, Globe of Death, and Motorcycle High Wire, among others. He has performed with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s U.S. and Japan tours; at The Sydney Opera House; in Madison Square Garden; with Le Grand Cirque in Myrtle Beach, S.C.; and on numerous TV shows. Marcos Ponce Lopez took an interest in break dancing at the age of 10 and began competing at the age of 13, winning titles including “Champions of Spain.” He traveled in “Cirque Musica” to the U.S. and Canada. He has now mastered the Wheel of Destiny and also performs on the Chinese Pole.

Circus Sarasota
Marcos Ponce Lopez will perform on the Chinese Pole and Double Wheel of Destiny

Noemi España (Contortion & Hand Balancing): Noemi, an eighth-generation circus performer, debuted her hula hoop act in Spain at the age of 14, later performing in Circo Price in Madrid, Spain. She has since performed in Australia, Italy, Panama, and other locations. She landed a symphony theatre tour with Cirque Musica across the U.S. and Canada, including a monumental performance at the famous Hollywood Bowl. Her unique ability to shoot a bow and arrow with her feet keeps audiences amazed and in suspense.

Flying Tabares (Flying Trapeze): For nearly three decades, The Flying Tabares have reigned supreme among trapeze royalty. Renowned for their unparalleled elegance and artistry, this new generation of precision flyers includes: eighth-generation circus performer, Mariella Arata Quiroga, who is following in the footsteps of her famous parents, Katya Arata-Quiroga and Nelson Quiroga; Isabel Patrowicz, one of the few women in the world to consistently execute the legendary triple somersault; and experienced catcher Thomas Payne-Tobin. Direct from their Silver Medal win at the prestigious International Circus Festival of Italy, this elite group of aerialists is excited to make their Circus Sarasota debut.

Jimmy Folco (Clown): Luigi Rodolfo Folco comes from one of the largest dynasties in the circus, with seven and 11 generations of a family dedicated to the circus business for over 300 years. He has more than 30 years of experience in the world of entertainment, finding his passion at the tender age of 6. Jimmy has toured with all the major circuses around the globe, receiving a variety of special recognitions and numerous awards. His work has been influenced by his great admiration for the artistry of Buster Keaton and his trademark physical comedy. He performed previously with Circus Sarasota in 2008, returned to perform in Circus Sarasota’s “Ovation” in 2018, and is eager to reconnect with American audiences this winter.

Anton Monastyrsky (Hula Hoop Artistry): Moscow-born Monastyrsky is a fourth-generation circus artist who began perfecting his craft at the age of 10. His first professional performance was in Germany at the age of 15 and, over the years, he has earned the nickname “Lord of the Ring.” His unique discipline – featuring difficult tricks and stylish choreography – has enabled him to perform in many of the top circuses in the world, from Cirque du Soleil to Circus Krone, as well as television shows, variety and theater shows, and festivals. He has won awards at festivals including the Circus Festival of Monte Carlo and European Youth Circus Wiesbaden. Anton is making his Circus Sarasota debut.

“At the Circus Arts Conservatory, we are proud to honor the legacy of the circus arts 365 days a year,” said Circus Arts Conservatory executive vice president/COO Jennifer Mitchell. “We have seen the demand for world-class circus performances in our community grow and look forward to welcoming residents and visitors alike for our 2024 Circus Sarasota show!”

Circus Sarasota runs Friday, February 16 – Sunday, March 10, 2024; showtimes are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 2 and 7 p.m.; Fridays at 7 p.m.; and Sundays at 1 and 5 p.m. Performances take place at the Ulla Searing Big Top at Nathan Benderson Park (5851 Nathan Benderson Circle, Sarasota, 34235). Tickets are $30-$80; there is a 20% discount on the opening week’s shows, thanks to support from WWSB ABC 7. Parking can be secured on-site for $10. Visit Circus Arts or call the Box Office at 941-355-9805.

About Circus Arts Conservatory

The mission of the Circus Arts Conservatory is to engage and educate students using unique and innovative learning programs; to measurably improve the quality of life for individuals in care facilities; and to advance the extraordinary legacy and heritage of the circus. The CAC is home to world-class performances, excellence in training the circus arts, and community-based education and humor therapy outreach programs. Visit Circus Arts or call (941) 355-9335.

Feature Photo ID: Noemi Espana’s contortion/hand balancing act features a special trick with the bow and arrow

Provided photos from Circus Sarasota

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