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Burner: A Group Exhibition of International Street Artists in Tampa

| Angela Naff |

Michael Murphy Gallery, Tampa’s premier contemporary art space, presents Burner: A Group Exhibition of International Street Artists. Works from globally renowned street artists such as Banksy, Dalek, and Pure Evil will be on display, with artists Lucas Roy and Zero Gradient appearing live via satellite from London at the opening reception on Saturday, February 26 from 6-9 pm. Join us for drinks, a DJ, and dope art. The reception and exhibit are complimentary and open to the public. No RSVP’s required.   

All works are on exhibition & available for acquisition beginning Saturday, February 26 through Saturday March 19, 2022. Exhibit will be available during the event and regular gallery hours. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday from 11am – 6pm EST and Saturdays from 11am – 4pm EST. If you’d like to schedule a private viewing, contact the gallery at 813-902-1414.

To receive exhibit updates, artist announcements, and info on a special closing celebration, check in to our Facebook event page.

Visit our website for all exhibit info.

Zero Gradient (British, b. 1981)

“I believe to create you must first destroy. Whether that is physically or digitally, through disruption or defragmentation, or via the re-imagination of memory and reality; my work always begins from a viewpoint of disrupting the norm to allow me to develop something new. I am a multimedia artist, using both traditional and digital processes to produce my art, and wherever possible, looking at ways to combine the two into something new. I like to be able to use a variety of medium to allow me to realize my ideas, choosing the method that best works for each piece. Painting, video work, sculpture, light, and sound all play a major role in the work I am currently producing.

I am interested in how we interpret not only art, but also the world around us as a whole. I want my work to interact with the viewer, and for the observer, in turn, to react back to it. To question their preconceptions and in many cases question what the art is, and what is merely a vessel from which the artwork is created. What initially draws the viewer towards my art is often just misdirection, a means to end. It is only through exploring the work and the alternatives that it produces, that the audience can fully see the work being created and allow them the opportunity to have a direct impact on their own experiences when viewing it. “

Zero Gradient LUCAS ROY (British, b. 1988)

Born in Darlington UK 1988, Lucas had a very active mind and body throughout childhood which led to a continuous exertion in many sports and a short attention span in school. Chosen subjects during his time in School included Art and Photography, both of which were attended frequently due to an interest but ended with zero qualifications from any subject in school.

After leaving school he worked as a Chef and did this for a couple of years until he was accepted into The British Army (The Parachute Regiment).  During his 6 years in The Paras, he quickly learned to listen and focus his hyper mind and had an interesting and rewarding time, serving on operations, and discovering parts of the world and their cultures.

Lucas left the Army to become a close to home Father but with many thanks to the Army he left with a lot more than he went in with.  Qualifications and overseas operational experience helped him to train as an Advanced Medical Technician.  This enabled Lucas to work as a Medic within the Ambulance Service for a few years which was another eye opener from a completely different perspective for him but after a few years he required a new less stressful venture.

“I think I was born as an artist and didn’t know it till later.  I was always a little bit of a nonconformist, non- traditionalist, question everything types of kid.”

“My young adult experiences overseas and the Ambulance Service enlightened me to how serious and unbalanced the world is.  I later realized my artwork enabled a gateway to promote positive change and Influence debate or conversation. Then a few years down the line….here we are.  My mind is always on the go and thinking about art most of the day.”

“My work is now inspired from popular culture, counterculture, fashion, social media, all types of street art, graffiti and urban art, whilst probably showing parts of my unusually strange personality.  My work is described as bright, vibrant, and amusing and I’m rewarded if it distracts you from any negativity in your life.”  Lucas Roy

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