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The Palmetto Book

Book Talk: The Palmetto Book
Tuesday, July 13, 7 pm at Fogartyville Sarasota

| Arlene Sweeting |

On July 13 at 7pm Fogartyville will host author Jono Miller to talk about his new book, “The Palmetto Book: Histories and Mysteries of the Cabbage Palm”. Miller is a natural historian, activist, and educator in Southwest Sarasota. His book documents his passion for the native cabbage palm, as well as its anatomy and interactions with humans throughout history and current events. Miller offers surprising facts and dispels common myths about an important native plant that remains largely misunderstood. 

The Palmetto Book Information

In the book, Miller dispels common myths about the often-misunderstood native plant. He answers questions such as: Are palms trees? Where did they grow historically? When should palmettos be pruned? What is swamp cabbage and how do you prepare it? Did Winslow Homer’s watercolors of palmettos inadvertently document rising sea level? And how can these plants be both flammable and fireproof?

“Most of what you learn about a plant on a nature walk are maybe three things about that plant. I call it ‘speed-dating the environment,’ and my book is really an argument against that,” Miller said. “I’m encouraging people to take the time and get to know a lot more than a few things about this plant. It’s really a much broader look at the plant, and both how it functions in the natural system as well as how humans interact with it.”

Feel free to bring your book for signing. Books will also be available for purchase.

The Palmetto Book

Here’s what people are saying about the book

“To be in palmetto hammocks, coastal marshes, swamp forests, wet prairies, or revegetating cane breaks with Jono Miller is to walk into a world of wonder. His exuberance, intelligence, humor, and wisdom are as wild and awesome as the cabbage palm itself. If palmettos could talk, they would sound a lot like Jono.”―Gary Paul Nabhan, author of Mesquite: An Arboreal Love Affair

“Miller invites his readers on an engaging ramble from Charleston to Waccasassa Bay in a collection of beautifully illustrated and fully documented stories. Along the way, Miller shows us how these evocative native palms are woven into three centuries of southeastern tradition and history.”―Susan Cerulean, author of I Have Been Assigned the Single Bird: A Daughter’s Memoir

“Written with passion and purpose, The Palmetto Book represents a lifetime of research and a model of scholarship. This book is about Florida, Floridians, and our relationship with a fascinating plant. Jono Miller is the Sunshine State’s palm whisperer.”―Gary R. Mormino, author of Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams: A Social History of Modern Florida

“The cabbage palm, the dowdy mophead of Florida flora, has suffered our collective neglect. Miller rights that wrong, recognizing these plants as wise and ancient elders of our landscape, salient in ecology, art, history, and culture.”―John Longino, University of Utah

Photos from Fogartyville and Facebook

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