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Lauren Mitchell & Michael Hensley

Another Side of Lauren Mitchell at the Flying Dog Cafe

| Sande Caplin |

Come join Lauren Mitchell & “The Professor” Michael Hensley for an intimate, acoustic evening.  This is Lauren’s last performance in the area until the end of September.  And it is also a chance to get up-close-and-personal with Lauren & ‘the Professor” as they invite you into the “Living Room” … the place where The Lauren Mitchell Band started!  

“It all started about 10 years ago in Michael’s living room.  He would sit at the piano & I would sing.  Sometimes one of us following the other, on songs we didn’t even know! There was no audience, no pressure. and no worry … just the two of us and the music.  That’s the way we want the audience to feel when we do a show this way – just the two of us.  I want them to feel like I’ve invited them into my living room, and that we’re all just hanging out, relaxing, enjoying each others’ company … and of course, the music. I like these “piano bar” shows to feel more like a conversation with the audience, than a performance for them.

I definitely think that when I strip away the dancing & the crazy stage shenanigans I’m known for, (and that we all love!) that it gives the audience a chance to really see who I am, as an artist & also as a person.  The listeners get to hear a lot of nuance in my vocals that get left behind when we play with the full band, not to mention Michael’s piano playing is as delicate & subtle as his Hammond playing is hot & nasty!  We always love doing these duo shows & our Believers usually love them too!”

This is a LISTENING event.  It won’t be a night for crazy dancing or loud music.  This is going to be an awesome night.  Bruce Famiglio has a “special” Lauren Mitchell Pizza on the menu and it’s going to be hot, along with a few other surprises.

See you Friday, 8/29 at 7:30 at the Flying Dog Café…..Sarasota / Bradenton’s music destination.  $5.00 cover charge goes to Lauren & the Professor.

The Flying Dog Cafe, Bradenton, Florida

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