Alternative Music Festival Features La Lucha

On Sunday, April 6th, WSLR will present the first in a series of occasional salons, showcasing unusual & distinctive performers, artists, and creative minds, in differing combinations, across a wide variety of styles and approaches. SPAMfest is intended to combine various acts that you might not expect to see in the same show. Breaking down the barriers and creating new alliances and friendships is the goal of this newest entry into the Sarasota music & arts scene! Performing on Sunday will be the Bilderberg Jazz Arkestra, the Immersion Project and La Lucha featuring Jun Bustamante. Short films will be shown between acts. SPAM FEST will take place at the Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center on Sunday, April 6th from 4-9pm. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Advance tickets are available at

LaLucha Tampa FloridaLa Lucha is a Tampa Bay based trio that consists of three best friends from three different parts of the world; Colombia, Mexico & United States. Its members are Alejandro Arenas, bass; Mark Feinman, drums; and John O’Leary, piano. Their repertoire is a diverse mixture of Jazz standards, Latin inspired rhythms and original compositions. La Lucha aims to create music that transcends genres and classifications. They consider music to be live art, which will continue to breathe, grow and evolve with their commitment to it. The Bilderberg Jazz Arkestra and the Immersion Project are Sarasota-based improvisational jazz bands.

Why Post-Alternative? According to Bhagavan Paullie in “Musings on Contemporary Post-Alternatism & Conceptual Reactions to Standard Tableaus” says, “To begin to grasp post-alternativism, one must examine its antecedent, “alternative” when it is used as a descriptive for popular music and culture. In essence, “alternative” is/was a reaction to other “trends”, and phrased in such a way as to be an intended harmonic option.” Post-alternative points to bypassing the concept all together, as the trends are rather illusory. No trends, just individuals and groups, working together and separately, in the same manner as a ongoing fractal drawing.

Post-Alternatism aims to celebrate the difference and diversity of music and art by combining disparate elements, rather then separating them and over-defining them. As part of the event, Fogartyville will also open a new exhibit by local artist Pamela Callendar. Callendar challenges herself to create Art in places where people least expect to find it. She will be exhibiting pieces from two collections of work – Rust Art and Environmental Reflux. Rust Art is collaboration with natural elements. Parallel to human nature, the rust images are products of environment — the result depends on the combination of sun, temperature, and amount of acidic water and salt. The Environmental Reflux series of photographs are essentially mirror images of human character found in worldly nature and the overwhelming conflict between our good intentions and thoughtless abuse — the natural beauty of our everyday surroundings and the ever present traces of human waste.

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