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Cinema Tropicale

2 Great Sarasota Film Festival Events This Weekend

| Sande Caplin |

Friday, April 17 from 9pm – 1am, join us at our new location, Michael’s On East, (formerly the venue of Night of 1000 Stars) for the most anticipated event of the festival. Fashion, Film and Food are the driving factors behind this event. High end fashion, on and off the runway, accompanied with modern music and design is what makes Cinema Tropicale memorable to Festival goers. 2015 Cinema Tropicale Features: Music by DJ Mondo, Gypsy Band Coq Au Vin, Funktastic Soul, Stolen Fruit Runway show produced by Molinari Models and Talent Cuisine catered by the chefs of Michaels on East, Design by So Staged Events and  Florals, Surprise performances, Lighting design by LJ Event Production.   Michael’s On East, 1212 S East Ave, Sarasota, FL 34239

I'll Se You In My Dreams

Closing Night Film & Awards,  Saturday, April 18, Sarasota Opera House, 5pm- Red Carpet………
No one wants to think about losing someone they love. But what happens when you lose someone, spend years alone, and then suddenly find romantic feelings stirring again? Blythe Danner is spot-on perfect as Carol, whose life is thrown off-kilter by not one but two men, who are at least two generations apart, to boot. Martin Starr gets a chance to stretch beyond his nerdcore reputation, and plays Lloyd (Suitor #1) with a very sweet, matterof-fact winningness. Sam Elliott as Bill, on the other hand (Suitor #2), is self-assured, charming, and just a little bit mischievous. Master character actors Rhea Perlman, June Squibb, and Mary Kay Place are a complete hoot as Carol’s bridge partners. It’s a funny, moving, big-hearted take on love in your seventies by Florida filmmaker Brett Haley, last seen in the area winning the Audience Award at the 2010 Sarasota Film Festival for his debut feature, The New Year. In addition, producer Laura Smith’s film That Evening Sun was the Audience Award winner in 2009. The Festival is proud to welcome back our award-winning SFF alum Director Brett Haley and Actress Blythe Danner scheduled to be in attendance.  At the Sarasota Opera House.

Tickets For Both Events and MORE INFORMATION-

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