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You Really Have to Meet Sarasota Sally…

Better known to her friends as Vivian Kehrer. Vivian is the proprietor of Sarasota Sally, a Dining Club that is both fun and cool. You get to eat for free at select restaurants on your birthday and many people have met and started friendships through Sarasota Sally. If you are a Restaurateur, the benefits are fabulous. You continue to be advertised on their website and Facebook page with your menu and photos that will bring in many new patrons. Their restaurants gain between 100 to 175 new customers a month on average.

Before I tell you about how Sarasota Sally works, let me tell you about Vivian and her loving husband Greg. Vivian is an Italian cutie from New Jersey who grew up in the restaurant business, owned 2 restaurants and also owned a beauty salon. She was licensed to teach and taught in a beauty school for a number of years.

Vivian decided to try office work to find something really challenging and new to do.  Along comes Greg, a co-worker, on his white horse, and two months later THEY GOT MARRIED!  That was 18 years ago and I always look at them together and say, “that’s a good marriage.”  They are best friends and a very cute couple!  Greg doesn’t advertise the fact that he is a performer and has acted and sang in local theatre company musicals and plays. Vivian heads up a chapter of a National Non-Profit Organization called The Compassionate Friends.  This is a group of people who meet once a month and give support to other members who have lost a child and are having a hard time due to that hardship.  She gives selflessly of her time to minister to these folks and encourage them that they’re not alone.  She is community-minded, always offering sponsorships to fundraising events and volunteering for various community-based charities.  You can also catch Vivian on TV with Chef Rolf as a guest assistant in the kitchen.  Vivian is EVERYWHERE!

Vivian and Greg have developed a relationship with some of the best restaurants from all price ranges, and then pass the value on to you.  There are strict standards to meet if you With Sarasota Sallywant your restaurant to be signed onto Vivian’s roster.  All eateries are locally owned, must use high quality fresh ingredients and possess comfortable ambience as well as friendly, trained servers. Just being associated with Sarasota Sally can help boost your business in so many ways.

Are you a foodie?  Do you love to go out to good restaurants and try something new? Vivian and Greg have already done the qualifying so you can just relax and enjoy a meal that you know will be delicious, as promised! Sarasota Sally is a Dining Club  that caters to restaurant customers as well as owners, and their area of coverage is from Ellenton to Venice.  

It’s FREE and so easy to join!! Just log onto their website: Sarasota Sally. Enter your name, email address and birth month.  Restaurant owners get a full page on the Sarasota Sally website, a feature story on your restaurant, pictures of your food and establishment and any specials or music you might have to offer. They also post your restaurant coupons on their website that will bring new customers to your establishment. This gives you a platform to let people know what up-and-coming events you’re having and will be posted on her website and her facebook page.

The best part is YOU’LL GET NEW CUSTOMERS, and if you aren’t satisfied, you get your money back!  People love Sarasota Sally and they have 7300 + members on the website with 25-30 new members joining every week and 3800 friends on the facebook page and more joining every day.  I personally think it’s a no-brainer.  Why not join in a win-win situation and reap the benefits of increased exposure, increased traffic and the word-of-mouth that travels through the community when anyone has a great dining experience.

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