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You Must Try This Italian Market and Deli in Sarasota, Florida

| Suncoast Post Staff |

Nestled in the heart of Sarasota, Florida, aka, Gulfgate, Piccolo Market and Deli stands out as an authentic, homemade Italian deli. It is much more than just a deli; it’s a community restaurant where the tantalizing aromas of freshly baked pizza, cutlets frying, and simmering sauces fill the air, instantly making you feel at home.

Upon entering Piccolo, you are greeted with warm smiles from Serge and his staff and the comfort of a family-run business. The display case is brimming with an array of mouth-watering selections, from premium cold cuts and cheeses to an assortment of olives, marinated vegetables, and more.

What truly sets Piccolo Deli apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. Every dish is meticulously prepared using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring that each bite is a celebration of flavor and tradition. The deli offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and entrees, each more delicious than the last. The Godfather sandwich, a crowd favorite, boasts layers of ham, salami, provolone, and fresh vegetables, all nestled between slices of heavenly, crusty bread.


For those looking to bring the magic of Piccolo Deli to their holiday celebrations, the deli offers an exceptional selection of holiday trays that are perfect for any occasion. From savory antipasto platters to decadent dessert trays, each is crafted with the same level of care and attention to detail that is synonymous with the Piccolo name. Orders are now open, and it is highly recommended to place your orders soon to ensure that your holiday gatherings are graced with the unparalleled flavors of Piccolo Deli for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

In addition to its mouth-watering menu, the Piccolo Deli team goes above and beyond to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The staff is knowledgeable and passionate about their offerings, always ready to offer recommendations and share the stories behind their favorite dishes.

Piccolo Market & Deli in Sarasota, Florida, is a culinary gem that transcends the typical deli experience. With its rich history, commitment to quality, and vibrant atmosphere, it is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. Whether you are stopping by for a quick lunch or placing an order for a holiday tray, you are sure to be enchanted by the delightful offerings and genuine hospitality of Piccolo Deli.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring a taste of Italy to your holiday celebrations—order your holiday trays from Piccolo Deli today!

Piccolo Italian Market & Deli
6518 Gateway Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34231
941 923-2202


Photos from Piccolo Italian Market & Deli

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