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YO! Sushi is a popular eatery in The Mall at University Town Center. UTC is known for having upscale restaurants, and although YO! Sushi is one of the smaller storefronts, its flavors are big. YO! Sushi is nestled in the center of the mall on the ground floor and is most noticeable because of its conveyor belts. Launching its first restaurant in 1997, YO! Sushi brought the conveyor belt sushi, kaiten sushi in Japanese, internationally to London. Since then, it has opened more than 90 restaurants all over the globe with only 2 in Florida.

The conveyor belts definitely bring some fun to dinner, but they are also very functional. A wide variety of dishes are passed on the belt and are priced according to the color of the plate. With 7 colors at 7 prices, ranging from $3 to $7, you have a lot of options for a small amount of money. Even if sushi isn’t for you, they have over 90 items on the menu that prove Tokyo‐inspired food has much more to offer than just fresh cuts of fish. Every Monday, YO! Sushi helps you to “beat the Monday blues” with Blue Mondays. Over 40 plates are on the menu for only $3.50 each, turning an additional 31 plates blue.

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I sampled a variety of options from the Blue Monday menu during my visit. I’m definitely a lover of sushi, but if you are more of a sandwich and a side kind of person, then try the Salmon Steamed Bun with the Potato Salada. The Salmon Steamed Bun comes with grilled salmon served on a light and fluffy Hirata bun accompanied with kimchi and pickled red onion. The Potato Salada is a delicious take on an American classic. It has all of the same components that you would expect, but with a delicious twist of pickled veggies and karashi mustard. If you are just in it for the sushi, then my top picks would be the Dynamite Roll and the Salmon Sashimi. If you are feeling adventurous and want to taste some authentic flavors of Japan, then I would recommend the Yasai Chahan, a traditional rice dish, followed by the Matcha Dorayaki, Matcha Green Tea pancakes filled with a red bean paste, for dessert.

YO! Sushi is open daily in UTC, Monday through Saturday from 11am to 9pm, and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Blue Monday is available all day, every Monday. For more information, please visit the website at www.yosushiusa.com or call (941) 313-7091.

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