Hey Florida Suncoast – What is Your Favorite Pizza Place?

Oh boy, this story should create quite a flurry of opinions.  Everyone loves pizza – well, almost everyone loves pizza and has a favorite pizza place!  I have my opinion, and I have to admit that I am very loyal to my favorite places!

So many different types and styles to choose from – Neapolitan, Sicilian, Detroit, Chicago, Greek, St. Louis, New York, California, Brooklyn, Hawaiian, Thin Crust, Margherita,  and more!

Visit Webstaurant Store, where you will find a complete list of pizza styles and their description! 

The most popular topping on pizza?  From Business Insider a whopping 36% of people order pepperoni on their pizzas, according to research by business advisor Brian Roemmele.

So, what about the Florida Suncoast?  There are 100’s of places to choose from!  I live in the Sarasota / Bradenton area, so my favorites are in this area.  My favorites?  #1 is Primo-Ristorante in Sarasota.  Their thin crust “brick oven” pizza is my overwhelming favorite.  Being from NY, I think I know pizza, and Primo is outstanding.  Il Panificio, with several locations in Sarasota, has a fabulous assortment of options.  I love their thin crust.  And last but not least, Sherry and her team at Piccolo Italian Market do a fabulous pizza pie.

So, those are my favorites.  I know that so many of you have opinions regarding your favorite.  We would love to hear from you.

Please leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.  We look forward to hearing from you!  We know you have a favorite pizza place!

And, by the way- Our local restaurants are still going through a very difficult time.  Even with the Covid19 restrictions being reduced, our restaurants need and want your business.  Please be patient when placing an order.  As we all know there is a severe shortage of restaurant workers through-out the country.  It is very difficult operating a restaurant in these difficult times.

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