Duffy’s Tavern

We Still Like Duffy’s Tavern Burgers as the Best on Anna Maria Island

In March of 2019, Molly Slicker wrote a story about the “Best Burger on Anna Maria Island. Full Story. Well, over 3 years have past since we took another look at Duffy’s Tavern and their crew. There are some fabulous burger joints on AMI. They all do a great job.

So, because of Covid, some illness that I had to deal with, and who knows what else, I haven’t been to Duffy’s in a long, long time. Almost 3 years. Well, a couple of weeks ago while attending the Fundraiser for Ukraine at the Anna Maria Island Community Center, on my way home I stopped in Duffy’s with my friend Nora and her granddaughter April!

It wasn’t real busy but busy enough for the offseason. I went up to the bar to order a couple of beers and Polly was behind the bar. She looked at me and smiled but didn’t say a word. I said, “hey Polly do you Remember Me?”  She said “of course I do, you’re Sande Caplin!” Holy Cow! That is some memory. I took my beers back to the table and in a few minutes she came over and sat down to chat. Oh boy did she make me laugh. We talked about mutual friends, we laughed about the fact that the famous Billy Rice played at her wedding, and then we talked about the “lady in the night” which I will share with you in another paragraph or two.

Duffy’s is special! It’s like walking into “Cheers” where everybody knows your name. The Geyer family has been on Anna Maria Island for many years running their famous burger joint. Polly, Peggy, Pamela, and Penni are legends in this town.  It’s a simple menu with all different types of burgers and other main dishes to order and appetizers. But don’t ask for French fries, they don’t have a fryer! That’s why Duffy’s is so cool.

Duffy’s Tavern

To go along with those great burgers, they have ice cold beer in draft and bottles and a large selection of soft drinks. And yes, there’s lots of other great stuff on the menu. Check out their website. Great sides too!

And then, of course there is “the lady of the night,” Holly. Now I can’t share who or what the lady of night is but stop into Duffy’s have a great burger and beer and if Polly is working just ask her about the lady of the night.

Congrats Duffy’s team! You guys are the friendliest and nicest crew around. And your famous burgers are still the best. Oh, one more thing….. bring cash. No credit cards. It’s been like that forever!

5808 Marina Dr., Holmes Beach, FL 34217. Phone #: (941) 778-2501 Their FB page here. 

Photos courtesy of Duffy’s Tavern on Facebook

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