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Things get ‘sticky’ at Latte Luna

| Sande Caplin |

There seems to be a trend lately of converting & re-purposing older homes & buildings into dining establishments.   There is just something so APPEALING about providing an environment that reminds you of ‘home’!   There are some very fine national chain restaurants in our area, but I find their décor and the ambience to sometimes be both predictable and redundant.  PLUS I prefer supporting locally-owned restaurants.

I was driving back from the beach not too long ago on Manatee Avenue.  My eyes were drawn to a building that immediately caught my attention!  The sign “Latte Luna” intrigued me as well as the visually uplifting exterior of the building!!  It had enough of an impact on me, that I shortly thereafter called a friend and planned a lunch there.

Latte Luna RestaurantUpon entering the restaurant, I immediately had a sense of well-being and comfort.  In addition to the various tables & chairs, there were also several little cozy & intimate gathering areas complete with cushy sofas as well as a fireplace!!!  Candidly, I would have been content at this point just to plop down on a sofa and read a book;  but I was HUNGRY!!!

Their menu is comprised of (yes, you guessed it) “Home Made” selections.  (A quick note here to potential diners, make sure you read the cover page of the Menu so you will know how to ‘summon a server’).  I couldn’t settle on just one item, so I chose two from their creative menu.

The Curry Chicken Salad was served on a buttery croissant.  The Curry was ‘subtle’, enhancing the flavor without adding the ‘heat’.   Layered with grapes, almonds & celery, this sandwich delivered BIG flavor.

Reluctantly temporarily setting aside my croissant, I moved on to what ultimately ‘stole the show’:  the Ham & Cheese Sticky Buns!!!  One bite and I was HOOKED!!  These delightful little warm bundles are served on two potato buns that are glazed with a tangy sweet sauce!!  Filled with baked ham and a mild Swiss cheese, the phrase ‘melt in your mouth’ comes to mind.  The next time I am on Manatee Avenue I am going to stop by for a 6-pack to take home with me!

Restaurant, Bradenton, FloridaNow my lunch companion’s selection was drawn to my attention!  In part, because she waved her sandwich in front of me to keep me from devouring the Sticky Buns without coming up for air.  The Black & Blue Roast Beef sandwich was pretty impressive to just look at!!!  The fresh Arugula, roasted tomatoes & sautéed onions complimented the roast beef perfectly!!!  Put all of that on a grilled Ciabatta Roll, add Blue Cheese and you have a winner!

Latte Luna also has “Music Nights” and special events.  Please visit their web site to find out more about this charming restaurant!!

P.S.  I’m looking forward to my 6-pack of “Sticky Buns”!!

2715 Manatee Avenue West
Bradenton, FL  34205

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