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The Girls of the Flying Dog Cafe

The Dog Ain’t Dead

| Sande Caplin |

Rumors, rumors rumors.  The Dog is dead, it’s not the old Dog….all kinds of things are being said.  Well, the hell with the naysayers!  Last night was the start of something huge at the Flying Dog Café.

There was an awesome vibe last night…..I said to Bruce Famiglio “there is a pulse here tonight.”  It was a slow growing crowd.  But, by 8:30 the place was packed.  Why not, one of Sarasota / Bradenton’s best bands performed last night, “Shotgun Justice.”  This was their 3rd Saturday in a row.  Last night they were just extra special.  You could feel it in the crowd; you could feel it on the dance floor.  If you haven’t heard, Shotgun Justice will be playing at the Dog every Saturday night and they have some new and exciting ideas for their future performances.  

Bruce Famiglio Flying Dog CafeWhat else is going to be happening at the Dog?  Well folks, its August and as we all know it’s not real crowded around town right now.  This past Friday night, Lena Lemon and her “Crossover Band” performed.   Before you know it the season will be back.  Starting in September, the Billy Rice Band will be performing every Thursday night, the “world famous Flying Dog Jam will be moving to Wednesday, Berry Oakley’s crew will move to Tuesday and there are some big surprises for Friday nights.  One of the biggest name bands in our town and the entire country is planning on performing on a couple of Friday nights.

What else?….last night with a “full staff” (finally!)  the food was coming out of the kitchen….fast, the servers were rockin’ & rollin’, and Allison and Amber (everyone’s favorite!) were pouring awesome drinks behind the bar.  

So, come on down and check out the Flying Dog!  I’m excited!….yes, that’s right.  Last night made me feel good.  It was the latest that I have stayed up in years!  And you know what?  Everyone had fun- the band was laughing and joking, everyone in the crowd was partying and the entire Flying Dog Staff went home last night with big smiles on their faces.  Yes!

Shotgun Justice

The Flying Dog Café
419 Cortez Road
Bradenton, Fl  34207
941 727-9663
Live Music Bradenton, Florida

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