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The Best Homemade Pasta on the Suncoast is in Bradenton, Florida

| Sande Caplin |

I love Italian food.  I especially love great Italian food and homemade pasta.  Not every Italian restaurant serves pasta that is homemade in their kitchen!  Well, right here in Bradenton, Florida there is a great Italian restaurant that will put a great big smile on your face!

It’s located on Route 41 in Bradenton in a small plaza, right behind Dairy Queen.  It’s very easy to miss and drive right by it.


I have been there twice in the last month.  The last time I was there was before Covid19 started.  The restaurant is better than ever. 

Two of my favorite dishes- Spaghetti Salsiccia E Broccoli. Homemade spaghetti sauteed with mild italian sausage and broccoli in white creamy sauce.  I order this every time I come in!  It’s the best.

Osso Bucco, spinach tortellini in white cream sauce.  Oh my!  You will love this.  Another favorite of mine!

You will have a wonderful, casual, intimate Dining Experience.  Owners, Luca and Monica, invite their patrons into Tiramisu of Bradenton as if welcoming them into their own home to enjoy these delicious, family recipes.

Tiramisu’s atmosphere is intimate and casual but ensures that you will have friendly, professional service and well-seasoned, authentic Italian dishes served with love upon every visit.

A review from Trip Advisor-  A visit to this family run Italian is a must when in the area. The restaurant is small, busy, bustling, and vibrant, so typical of a good restaurant in Italy. The food is quite something. Traditional, excellent quality and a joy to eat, especially the homemaker pasta. A first trip for us after several recommendations and we will definitely be going again.

Tiramisu Restaurant
5215 14th Street West
Bradenton, Florida 34207
941 753-2800

Tiramisu Bradenton

Suncoast Post Photos / Website Photos

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