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Slicker’s Eatery in Cortez, Florida- Where More Than Fresh Food is Intentional

| Dianna Chamberlain |
Slicker's Eatery

Since the conception of Slicker’s Eatery and continuing to the present day, Creative Director Molly Slicker has always said “Our driving force is intentionality,” and that is very evident. Every decision that was made and continues to be made is done with intention, all the way down to the tiniest of details. From the paint colors to the décor, being a combination of items that are locally made, pictures of the management staff and their families, as well as the books that were chosen because they are a reflection of the staff. Molly said, “This way it would truly feel like a home away from home, and it would constantly point us to why we do what we do: our love of people. We want everyone to walk in, feel welcome, and get glimpses of our hearts from the moment they walk in.” People are already feeling the effect of this small detail, not just the staff, but the guests as well.  

In just the six short weeks they’ve been open, multiple people have written about just how delightfully welcoming the restaurant and staff were and continue to be. In one review on Pam and Kevin said, “warm, welcoming and professional. We can’t wait to come back!” Max the Bar Manager said, “my favorite thing about working at Slicker’s Eatery is that all my co-workers really make it feel like ‘my home away from home’ and I love that our vision is to make a better impact on the community and our guests.” They showed that right from the first week they were open, with their soft opening being a charity fundraiser, and continue to make a positive impact on the community every day in many ways. Some of those include using cloth napkins instead of paper, agave-based straws instead of plastic, and thoughtfully portioned dishes. Molly said, “US restaurants generate an estimated 22 to 33 billion pounds of food waste each year. Our dishes are portioned to try and eliminate excessive food waste.” They are also encouraging guests and team members to bike to work, carpool and they strive to continually be better and be as environmentally sustainable as possible. Their WiFi password is even “Stay Kind.”  

Chef Kurt Clennan’s extremely diverse menu was also developed with intention. It has a modern synthesis of fresh food, that is both exciting and healthy. They even have items that are Vegan and Vegetarian. According to the staff, the most popular small plates so far are The Whipped Goat Cheese Bruschetta and The Spicy Octopus. One reviewer Shawna said, “ The small plates are perfect for sharing. We tried 4 and loved each one. The Whipped Goat Cheese Bruschetta is a must-have.” The Shrimp Gambitto and Cubano Sandwich are both favorites of Molly’s and that of many guests. I asked owner Bob Slicker what his favorite dish on the menu was and as he was thinking about it, one of the Spirit Guides gave him up saying it was the Chai Latte Crème Brûlée. “He even ordered it for us to share for breakfast this morning.” They’ve even added Late Night for the night owls from 10 pm to midnight. It’ll feature a special limited food menu, watch for it on their website and their Facebook page.                         

General Manager Brandon Rolland said, “I love that I got to be a part of the process from the ground up and that I still get the same feelings of astonishment due to being a part of that, every time I walk in the door. I’ve never had a job where I wake up and I can’t wait to go to work.” The drink Rolland with The Foamies, named after him is one of their most popular Signature Drinks. Guests even go in asking for it by name. All of their signature craft cocktails have thoughtfully inspired names, with fresh house-made syrups and other carefully calculated ingredients. The newest addition to the menu is Max’s McKiwi-Tini, it’s made with McQueen and The Violet Fog Gin, House-made Kiwi Syrup, and Lavender Agave. A great time to stop in and try it is during their Happy Hour from 2-4 pm where all drafts are $4, even the craft drafts! 

Spirit Guide Dana says that her favorite thing about working at Slicker’s Eatery “No matter who I’m working with, there is always such a positive atmosphere, that makes working there enjoyable every shift.” I had remembered reading in a previous article, that during interviews they asked applicants “What cause was important to them?” When I asked Molly about this question she said, “ It was a way to get to know their heart, and how genuine they are.” As many of the reviews from members of the community and those visiting from outside the community stated, the service was wonderful, charming, just attentive enough, and fantastic. They’re right, it’s not just about the fresh food, and amazing signature craft cocktails, it’s about so much more. It is the family-like atmosphere, intentional planning, and exceptional staff, that make up the team of people that work at Slicker’s Eatery that really sets them apart.

Slicker’s Eatery
12012 Cortez Road West
Cortez, FL 34215
941 251-9428


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