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Slicker’s Eatery, Cortez Florida- A Look from the Other Side

First of all, congratulations to Bob and Molly Slicker, and the team at Slicker’s Eatery.  You are the most talked about place in town in Cortez, Florida, Manatee & Sarasota County, and the world!  Much has been written about the fabulous food & décor at the restaurant.  Everything is absolutely superb.   Here is a view from the other side!

I have known Bob Slicker for many years from his days as the General Manager at the Swordfish Grill & Tiki.  Our friendship goes deep, and he  has become an adopted member of my family.  My 6 grandboys think he is just the coolest guy in the world.  (Maybe because he keeps bribing them with Tampa Bay Lightning paraphernalia).

When Bob told me in late December that he was opening a new restaurant I figured it would be 6 months down the road.  “No,” he said, “I plan on opening around Valentine’s Day.”  I did not think that was possible.  Well, then again…. It’s Bob!

40 Day Plan

From the day that the team walked into the restaurant on January 1, 2021, it was non-stop.  Bob and Molly had a plan that covered the next 40 days.  It was a process!  They started by pretty much gutting the restaurant, and for the first week, it was nothing but clean, clean, clean.   They wanted to be sure that everything was immaculate, and it is!  From there, they started painting and more painting.  That process took a couple of weeks, and in-between, they were working on the restaurant’s layout (keeping in mind limited seating due to COVID0-19) and other back-of-the-house operations.

Food purveyors were contacted, and purchases had to be made, new equipment was needed, furniture had to be updated, and the list goes on and on.  I stopped by almost every day to watch how smooth the transition process was taking place.  It was not until the day before the soft opening that everything was set!   Everything from taking orders at the tables to ordering so many different restaurant items is state of the art with technology that is mind-boggling.

Now, don’t forget other behind-the-scenes activities. Applying for a business license, contacting an accountant and lawyer to ensure everything was set up properly, and all else that is involved with setting up a business, not forgetting the application for a liquor license.  Bob pretty much handled all of that.  As the “creative director,” Molly has done a fabulous job in getting the word out about the restaurant through social media.  Her “gift card” promotion is now considered epic.  And don’t forget, staff had to be hired! The soft-opening week was a huge success.

New Logo Development

Slicker’s Eatery
Slicker’s Eatery 2

Our team at Sande Caplin & Associates had the honor of setting up a state-of-the-art/secure email system and developing the logo along with building a website from scratch.  After looking at 30 different logos, we asked Molly to develop her own idea and put it on paper.  Here is her idea.  It took us about 20 hours of development, going back and forth with font changes, color changes, and more before we got to the finished product.  We are so proud of the outcome.

A New Website for Slicker’s Eatery

The website was a challenge because most of our projects are built with plenty of background information.  We had to wait until “opening day” to start building the site…. Photos, menus, bios, forms, gift cards, reservations, and so much more.  But we did it!  My partner James Newton, one of the most talented web designers in the industry, worked tirelessly to get it done with the rest of our team!  We are so proud of this project first because it was developed for a dear friend. It contains all of the latest technology, including ADA Accessibility which we support and is so important today.  You can book a reservation  and purchase gift cards “on-line.”

Slicker’s Eatery

I want to wish my dear friends Bob and Molly “congratulations” and huge success in this wonderful endeavor.  Our entire team loves you very much.

Here is the link to the new website.  Find out what Slicker’s eatery has in store for you.  For Goodness Sake! WEBSITE

Slickers Eatery
12012 Cortez Road West
Cortez, FL 34215
941 251-9428

Photos from Sande Caplin & Associates

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