Shrimp Fest

All You Can Eat Shrimp Fest at the Swordfish Grill & Tiki- Cortez, Florida

BIG NEWS! Just announced…… Shrimp Fest is BACK for the rest of the month of January 2021!

The Swordfish Grill and Tiki Bar is excited to announce our All You Can Eat Shrimp Fest! This special runs for two weeks, December 10th – December 24th. The festival includes five delicious shrimp dishes — you can try to taste them all, or re-order your favorite as much as you’d like for just $25! All of the entrees, excluding the pasta are served with one initial serving of rice and vegetables. Additional sides are also available for purchase.

Shrimp Fest

-Shrimp Alfredo-

6 sautéed shrimp tossed with our creamy homemade Alfredo sauce and linguini

-Golden Fried Shrimp-

6 tail on shrimp, butterflied and lightly breaded, fried golden brown served with cocktail sauce

-Stuffed Shrimp-

5 large shrimp stuffed with our signature stuffing and baked with garlic butter

-Shrimp Cargot-

5 large shrimp topped with diced tomatoes and baked in our garlic white wine butter served with focaccia bread

-Grilled Teriyaki Shrimp-

6 large shrimp skewered and brushed with Teriyaki glade and flat grilled

Swordfish Grill & Tiki Bar

Shrimp Fest

 Here at the Swordfish Grill & Tiki Bar, we pride ourselves in offering quality food and friendly service. As a team at the Swordfish Grill and Tiki Bar, we strive to continue our operation throughout being socially distant with a clean and safe environment. Reservations are highly recommended. If you would like to reserve your spot during the All You Can Eat Shrimp Fest,  give us a call at (941)798-2035 or book a reservation online.

From the Swordfish Grill Website:  Every great restaurant with ambiance, fresh food, and an experienced staff begins with great management. The Swordfish Grill is no exception. Just ask any team member how much elbow grease, enthusiasm, and experience it takes to run a successful restaurant like the Swordfish Grill. The Swordfish team has many years of experience in a tough business and has weathered many a storm in the restaurant business but has brought all that experience and wisdom to the Swordfish Grill, with great results.

Photo from the Swordfish Grill

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