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Rippling Effect and Community Acts of Kindness in Sarasota, FL

Rippling effect describes how one small act of kindness can inspire others; impacting change on a larger scale than ever envisaged. Imagine ripples on a pond after a single stone is cast into the water, causing circles to spread out beyond where the rock landed. The psychiatrist Irvin Yalom explains that ‘rippling’ may be subtle, and the person that generates the effects may not even be aware of the impact that their actions have on another.

Suncoast Pizza Bakers kindness

Karen Atwood from Mellow Mushroom in Sarasota found herself at a loss as to how she could contribute during this unprecedented time of Coronavirus. In casual conversation with her neighbors, one a retired nurse, and the other a respiratory therapist, the idea was born to organize pizza and salad deliveries to the brave frontline workers and the suncoast pizza bakers initiative was born.

The ripple effect of their kindness

“This initiative includes feeding housekeeping staff, grocery store employees, FedEx drivers, and firefighters – essentially those people that continue supporting us during this unusual time,” says Karen. “We ask the community for nominations of a team that may benefit from lunch or dinner delivery. We had three shifts and fed over 100 FedEx drivers.” Please click here to get involved.

Knick’s Tavern kindness

Knickole Barger from Knick’s Tavern and Grill has been dealing with dramatic changes to her business due to the pandemic. Inspired by an outpouring of community support, Knickole converted her restaurant into a small delivery station for nutritious boxed lunches and dinners. She launched #sharethe❤️notthe🦠 and is directly coordinating efforts with Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation to assure the program’s efficient delivery.

The ripple effect of their kindness

Back of shirt from Knicks Tavern
Back of shirt from Knicks Tavern

Knickole has ramped up capacity by including several other local restaurants including The Serving Spoon, Pacific Rim, Geckos, 1812 Osprey, and Origins Craft Beer and Pizza Cafe that can serve meals throughout the week. #sharethe❤️notthe🦠 is making community involvement a possibility and giving each of us at home an opportunity to support healthcare personnel working backbreaking hours under stress, by funding the delivery of boxed lunches and dinners from the safety of our homes. Knickole explains that $100 donation feeds an entire shift of hospital workers. “I feel so blessed and grateful to this great community for the support and outpouring of caring for our front liners during this time of need,” says Knickole. See Knickole’s video here and be sure to look at her FaceBook page to find a way to be involved.

As human beings we all care about our collective well-being and are driven to make a difference amidst challenge and adversity. Under our current circumstances, we find ourselves drawn to care for others and make a contribution, no matter how small. Difficult times collectively facilitate the best in us, even when we may be struggling personally.

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” ~ Scott Adams

Editor’s note: readers might be interested in this story by Natasha Reisner from last year.

Photos from Knickole Barger.

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