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Primo Ristorante

Primo Ristorante in Sarasota Celebrating 35 Years!

| Suncoast Post Staff |

35 years!  That’s staying power, especially in the restaurant business where they come and go, open and close.   Primo Ristorante is outstanding for its great food, atmosphere and loving staff.  They are family!

Our team at Sande Caplin & Associates and the Suncoast Post have made Primo our home away from home.  So many business meetings with great food as a bonus!  And the parties…. Oh, the parties.  They are world famous for the Russian Dancers, Comedy Shows, Leslie SRQ Dance Parties, and one of the biggest and best events every held at Primo, The Billy Rice Band Video Release Party, “Back to the USA” held on Veterans Day, November 11, 2016.

Owner, Maurizio Colucci, in his own words (and grammar!) from Facebook:

I was only 24, barely spoke English married to a gorgeous blonde, blue eyes, that she became the mother of my boys.

Thanks to my father-in-law Sy Sherr and a generous friend Danny Wong, we open Primo!

We were the First wood fire Pizza in Sarasota and pioneer of new Italian restaurant. The town was small like a fisherman village, the Aeroport was the size of my house, and I could have bought 5 acres on University for $20k… I was the 5th Italian place, serve Risotto was a utopia and hug Guests was okay!

So many employees e customers pass true these doors, some never left Afaf, Minella, Rolina, Alberto and some open their own places.

So many historical events, changes and evolutions, but we are still here stand strong for many more years to come, thanks to your patronage and trust in all these years, we all been able to pay our bills, put food on our table and build a decent life.

We at Primo! Ristorante we genuinely like to thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Grazie Mille, for your support and successful 35 years.

Congratulations to Maurizio, Afaf, Minella, Rolino, Alberto and the entire team at Primo-Ristorante.  You are a Sarasota-Bradenton institution! 

If you’ve never been to Primo, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Dine-in, take out, and oh by the way they have the very first brick oven in our area.  Their brick oven pizza is the best. 

Primo Ristorante
8076 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL  34243
941 359-3690


Photo from Primo-Ristorante

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