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Patrick's Restaurant Sarasota Florida

Patricks 1481

| Sande Caplin |

Patrick’s 1481
1481 Main Street, Sarasota, FL, 941-955-1481

One of my FAVORITE things to do is have lunch in downtown Sarasota!        
I had taken a stroll down Sarasota’s Main Street on a Monday evening a while back and noticed that Patrick’s 1481 was BUSTLING!! Taking this as a good sign, (busy on a MONDAY) I set my sights on Patrick’s 1481.  I feel compelled to tell you, that I had HUGE expectations! I had been an avid FAN of the original Patrick’s, (located where Florribean now stands) so I wondered if the NEW Patrick’s would live up to its previous glory!

IMMEDIATELY upon entering Patrick’s, my lunch companion and I were greeted and promptly escorted to our preferred location.  Having just settled in comfortably and

soaking in the atmosphere, our server appeared with perfect timing!  The menus were distributed and she asked ifwould like anything to drink!  I had a memory ‘flash’ of my last visit to the original Patrick’s for Sunday brunch, and visions of Bloody Marys popped into my head!  Two Bloody Marys were ordered (hey, one was for my lunch companion)!
I must say that I was impressed that our server inquired as to what ‘side of spicy’ we preferred our Marys!!!

Armed with my ‘just enough spice’ Bloody Mary, I now viewed the menu with relish!  I was happy to see some ‘familiar’ entrees. Resisting the urge to order a cheeseburger (Patrick’s is well known for its cheeseburger prowess) my eyes went searching for something equally appealing!  I will be the first to admit, that if an entree is paired with a sauce, it is GOING to get my attention! Much to my delight, I saw “Patrick’s Eggs Benedict” ($12) ……….and I confess, I stopped looking at the menu as my mind was promptly made up!  This version of ‘Benedict’ was paired with beef tenderloin & a Béarnaise instead of a Hollandaise and intrigued me.

Now my lunch companion is a much more sensible eater than I! After she surveyed the menu, she elected to order the “Tuna Plate”!!! I tried to hide my displeasure at her being so practical and her comment was that it was healthy and GOOD for her! (Hey, what did she think I was having a Bloody Mary for………the tomato juice celery, etc?)….I had healthy already COVERED)!!

Both our entrees arrived in a timely fashion.  I was astounded at the quantity of beef tenderloin in my dish!  I have ordered this in other restaurants (including a similar dish at Eggs Benedict at Patricks 1481 Restaurantthe Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans) and usually received little ‘morsels’. The beef was cooked perfectly and was very tender.  The eggs were ‘poached to perfection’ and yielded that warm golden-goodness as soon as my fork pierced the yolk.  Now, talk about ‘golden-goodness’……the Béarnaise was nothing short of divine intervention!!

Completely ‘fixated’ on the Benedict, I had only just glanced at my lunch companions’ Tuna Plate ($9) when it first arrived. However, even at a glance, I couldn’t help but notice how FRESH everything looked!  Patrick’s had definitely taken the potentially mundane to a new level! There were the anticipated ‘scoops’ on the plate but it was also adorned with fresh pineapple and a tomato that looked like it had just been plucked from the garden!  Diving into the Tuna ‘scoop’, I was pleasantly surprised at both the ‘texture’ and how perfectly ‘chilled’ it was!  This was no blue-plate tuna cleverly disguised in mayonnaise.  Instead, the balance of mayonnaise and crunchy veggies highlighted the quality tuna and made this ‘scoop a star’!

OK……ENOUGH of ‘Healthy’ (plus my lunch companion wanted me to relinquish her plate back), I hadn’t yet tasted my scalloped potatoes!  In a word, the potatoes were ‘excellent’ with just the right ‘hint’ of onion.

As our plates were removed, I realized that it was my goal to review a minimum of three (3) entrees if possible and I was coming up short! Although, I guess the Bloody Mary COULD have been considered an ‘entree’!
Um, maybe dessert?  I eyed my lunch companion, (You know, the ‘healthy’ one) and asked nicely if she would split a dessert with me!  “Oh, OK….but just one bite” was her response.”

We settled on a dessert called a ‘Turtle Cream Pie’ from their Lite-Bite selections. ($4)

That adorable little confection showed up on a plate with two spoons (talk about a perceptive server)! Creamy, rich, decadent, yummy are all words to describe the chocolate-cookie crust, the chocolate mousse, the caramel, the chocolate chips and pecans! It is NOT without a sense of satisfaction,  that I inform you that my lunch companion ate MORE than I did!!

SO………….would I go BACK??  ABSOLTELY… YES!  (There were two items that tempted me that I want to return for:  their homemade chicken pot pie and their homemade macaroni & cheese w/bacon & tomatoes.

Five (5) Limes to Patrick’s 1481!   (the only Lemon in this Review was in my water glass)


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